10 reasons why you should subscribe to Lush Kitchen if you are a skincare lover!

10 reasons why you should subscribe to Lush Kitchen if you are a skincare lover!

At the mention of “Lush Kitchen” what comes to mind would be a food vendor service especially when one fails to see the skincare part.

Well, Lush Kitchen prepares irresistible ” food” for skincare apologists. Lush Kitchen became necessary in a bid to satisfy the appetite of customers who wanted more in terms of the products they use for their skincare routine.

Lush Kitchen

If you are used to shopping online, you must have noticed that some products are readily available for the public to purchase while others are exclusively and specially made based on order. That’s where Lush Kitchen comes in

Lush Kitchen is like the backend of a website where you get exclusive information about the site. Lush Kitchen affords skincare enthusiast to order for limited editions of skincare products which are not listed on the frontend of the products page.

It is an offspring of Lush Cosmetics, one of the leading beauty and cosmetics brands in the world. Lush Kitchen affords buyers a sneak-peek into new and experimental products every day of the week.

Also, not only can you sneak-peek into new products, but you can also order for a re-make of a particular product that is no longer in the sale.

Some of the products you can get includes; shower gel, bath bombs, face washes, scrubs, perfumes, creams among many others which are only available in batches daily.

Lush Kitchen at some point became so intimate with its customers such that it allowed them to see some of the factory workers while making products in the factory but it came to end after before the launch of the subscription box.

Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

The Lush Kitchen Subscription box was launched to allow customers to not just sneak-peek on new and customised products, but also to vote on products they like for the month as well as those selected in-house.

The subscription box contains 4-5 products based on what the fans vote for and those selected by the brand itself.

Lush Kitchen said the subscription box was launched ttoto take the relationship between the brand and the customer to another level.

According to John Constantine, the Digital Officer at Lux Kitchen;

“I love building strong relationships and conversations with the Lush community online and the Lush Kitchen Box is the perfect way to do that.”

“It’s so exciting to be on the pulse of the community, reacting to their feedback and coming up with twists on old classics or new ideas that Lush can produce and the customers love.”

The description box covers a wide range of aspect such as skin care, hair, make-up among others with a price range of $40-45$ monthly including shipping.

Some of the popular subscription boxes include The Clean Beauty Box, Sephora Favorites and Luxe, Face Story, Petit Vour, Face Story, Vegan Cut Beauty Box among others.

10 reasons why you should consider using Lux Kitchen Subscription Box.

  • The subscription box contains exclusive products which make you feel special unique.
  • All the products are very affordable.
  • Wide range of products to select from.
  • Each box is vegan, so you’ll be able to use all the products
  • You have the chance to vote on which products you get each month
  • You get the opportunity to know about new products first.
  • The skincare products are cruelty-free
  • Each product is carefully formulated to achieve the best result
  • No Hidden Charges for the subscription
  • Quick Delivery of Products.
  • Excellent Customer Service ( The team at Lush take customer product requests very seriously and does its best to meet those wants with the help of the Lush Kitchen, one of the sales rep told allure.com)

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