10 Things you didn’t know about America’s famous Choreographer, Dianna Williams! 

10 Things you didn’t know about America’s famous Choreographer, Dianna Williams! 

At some point in our lives, we would have to make one or two difficult decisions either as regards family, relationship, education, job, career, or whatsoever. Dianna Williams, at the age of 19 quitted her adult film career. 

Dianna Williams who  is also known as “Miss D” decided to forge a new path for life in the entertainment industry and it eventually paid off. Today, her story has changed. She is not just a successful career woman, she is also a proud mother of two children. 

Her name is not unfamiliar to many because she has been in the industry for a while but how well do you know Dianna Williams? And if you are hearing the name for the first time, grab a cup of popcorn and a glass of wine as we take you on a cruise around Dinna Williams’ life. 

A Native of Mississippi 

Dianna Williams was born to Donald and Gladys on the first day of December 1978 in Jackson, Mississippi. She didn’t grow up alone, instead, she spent her childhood with three sisters: Alsher, Monique Carr, and Terra Angel, and a brother, Zurick Dalovedoctor. 

Dianna Williams is Well-Educated

When people say “What you study in school is not necessarily what will put food on your table.” The veracity of that statement cannot be debated. As much as Dianna Williams is not practicing what she studied in school, her smartness can be tied to how well-educated she is. 

She attended Raymond High School and Jackson State University where she bagged a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice in 2005. She also did an internship in the Juvenile Justice System. Williams also worked as a Recreation Aide and a Dance Instructor in Jackson. 

Dianna Williams and Adult Film Industry 

While she was in college, she had a brief stint in the adult film industry but she decided to turn her back against it as she decided to start sometime entirely different. Fortunately, her past didn’t hurt her at any point as found solace in dance and choreography afterward. 

She Began Dancing at an Early Age.

Dianna Williams’s interest in dancing started when she was just four years old. Thankfully, her sensitive parents noticed her passion for dancing and they immediately enrolled her at the Angie Luke School of Dance where she spent a good number of years learning and perfecting the art of different dance steps such as Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Ballet Point, Tap (Beginner and Advanced) and Belly Dance.

She participated in some competitions before she went on to join Eye of the Tiger Drill Team, one of the most popular dance groups in Jackson then. She spent six years with the dance troupe between 1982-1988. Dianna Williams became the leader of the California State Dominguez Hills University cheerleading squad where she began to gain popularity. 

Dianna Williams and Grove Park Dancerettes 

Dianna Williams’s zeal to succeed not just as a dancer but also as a dance instructor influenced her to initiate a program in 2001 called Grove Park Dancerettes where trained middle and high school students on different types of dance styles. She went on to work as a Choreographer at Callaway Highschool Chargettes and for the Prancing Diamonds in 2007. In 2009, she was elected the Vice President and Choreographer of the Jackson Association for Majorettes. 

The Birth of Dollhouse Dance Factory

She formed Dollhouse Dance Factory in 2010 and she got 23 students in its first semester. Her dance group became a success as they won major trophies in various age groups. Their slogan: “Dollhouse Dance 4 Life” abbreviated as “DD4L” swept across the town and it was adopted as a kind of love on their custome. 

Dianna Williams

The success of Dollhouse Dance Factory attracted popular television network, Lifetime which led to the birth of  “Bring It”, a reality show based on them. The show was held for the first time on the 4th of March, 2014. The show also documented their performances against other dance groups such as Olive Branch, Purple Diamonds among others. 


She has a successful career and it also reflects in her family as well. Dianna Williams is married to Robert Williams whom she dated for a long while before they tied the knots in 2009. 

They have a son together, Cobe Williams. Come Williams was born in Dallas Texas on the 13th of July, 2000. 

Dianna Williams is also the stepmother to Aja Williams, her husband’s daughter from his previous relationship. Robert Williams is a basketball coach.

Net Worth 

Dianna Williams net worth is estimated to be $1.5m 

She has a book

She published a book, Standing in the Shade in 2019 where talked about her childhood experience, her relationship with her parents as well as her siblings. 

CEO of Six Companies

Dianna Williams is the owner of six companies: 

  • Dollhouse Dance Factory 
  • DD4L Entertainment D. 
  • Williams Dance Company 
  • D. Williams Cheer Company 
  • Dollface Dancewear 
  • Dancing Dolls

The life of Dianna Williams epitomizes that of a strong-willed individual who defied the odds, rose from grass to grace, and didn’t allow her past to determine her future. In addition, she is a symbol of sheer resilience and determination to succeed. 



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