26-year-old man in Akwa Ibom killed by Police officer

26-year-old man in Akwa Ibom killed by Police officer 2

26-year-old man in Akwa Ibom killed by Police officer

A family is requesting for equity following a 26-year-elderly person, Emmanuel Ukpong Dickson, was shot dead by a cop in Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

The casualty was purportedly killed by the official in their family compound at Idua Eket at around 5:05pm on Sunday, October 10.

As per report, Emmanuel had gone for a service close by his conventional presentation bunch and momentarily got back to get a few things when he was shot in the head by the cop distinguished as Anwana Jacob, appended to the Eket division.

Talking with writers on Friday, October 15, his sister Princess Nelly Dickson clarified that she was at a salon when her mom called to educate her with regards to the demise regarding her sibling.

As indicated by her, the police are asserting the occurrence was brought about by an “inadvertent release” from their rifle however she demands the official purposefully shot her sibling.

“Emma was returning from the launch of a grieving house in the town on Sunday, where my folks were moreover. As he was going to enter our compound, a police vehicle showed up and they began yelling at him. So he rushed to my auntie’s place, the cops followed him and shot my sibling. Presently they are letting me know it was an incidental release, that they didn’t realize that the weapon was not on security,” Ms Dickson told PREMIUM TIMES.

26-year-old man in Akwa Ibom killed by Police officer 3

Talking further with Sahara Reporters, she said, “Subsequent to taking shots at my sibling, he left that place strongly, his colleague inquired as to whether he shot somebody, he said no. The official actually went to the companion’s place and let his companion know that he killed somebody. Then, at that point, they headed to the station. My mom let me know that I should come, that my sibling had been killed, I needed to rapidly surge home

“I called my in-law and he came; we checked everything. I went to my auntie and asked that the cop asserted my sibling and others were smoking Indian hemp however she said it’s false. There was nobody in the climate. My sibling just came to take something in the house. I don’t have a clue what incited him to shoot my sibling. Is this is on the grounds that he was in a uniform? Is this what they select or train them for?

The youngster that was shot was the provider of the family; he was working with an organization. He was a prepared and prepared welder and was likewise the head of a social gathering that performs at weddings and internments. The keep going execution was on Saturday, October 9 during the birthday of the administrator’s sibling.

“All things considered, the Nigeria Police have attempted, the Investigating Police Officer is attempting however I need to see my sibling’s body, we need to cover him. They should deliver him to us. At the point when we went to the funeral home on Wednesday, we saw the carcass. On the off chance that you saw where this man shot my sibling, you’d realize he did it deliberately.” she added.

Additionally speaking, Elder Samuel, Chairman Ukwa town board, who is likewise identified with the family, educated SaharaReporters that the official had been captured.

He said that the family had as of now drew in a legal advisor to compose an appeal to the Inspector-General of Police and state official of police, adding that they have the right to know what the casualty might have fouled up and why the official shot him.

“The guilty party has been captured and the present moment he is now in the police net. I have met with an attorney here in Uyo who has gotten all that going to ensure that equity wins,” he said.

“The official being referred to lives inverse the police headquarters in Eket, he results in these present circumstances compound to remain with his companion, drink and smoke then after this, he will come into my in-law’s compound and alarm away the youngsters there. On this game changing day, my brother by marriage and the social gathering he drove were praising their past excursion. They saw a cop using a firearm, so they escaped

“My in-law scaled a fence not realizing that he was at that point in the other compound. The official just met him with a weapon and started shooting at him in the head. Promptly the official did that, the cops entered the vehicle and zoomed off. The guilty party was said to have detailed himself to the Divisional Police Officer, and the DPO sent a group that took the body to the morgue

“The police guaranteed they took the cadaver to the specialist to affirm in case he was at that point dead, yet it is clearly false; they took the carcass to the morgue. We need equity, the attorney will send a letter to the IGP and the chief of police.”

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