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Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth

Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 2

Who is Abdu Rozik?

Tajik singer Abdu Rozik is well-known online. He is well known for the Tajik rap song “Ohi Dili Zor.” His talent is showcased on YouTube via the “Avlod Media” YouTube channel, and he has gained enormous popularity on Instagram. Despite just being 19 years old, he has quickly risen to prominence online. Let’s examine how this young man developed into such a superstar

Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 3
Abdu Rozik

The Tajik singer has been seen with superstars all around the world. In this post, we will share all what we know about Abdu Rozik.

You will get to know his background, age, how he started his career, his net worth, girlfriend among other details which should be of interest to you.


Where is Abdu Rozik from?

Abdu Roznik is a native of Tajikistan, which is situated in Central Asia and bordered by Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. The island nation is well renowned for its rough mountains, which are popular for climbing and hiking.

Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 4

Abdu Rozik was born in Panjakent, Tajikistan, to a Tajik family on September 3, 2003. He goes by the moniker Abdu, and Virgo is his horoscope sign. For the purpose of pursuing an education, he attended a nearby school. But there is no information accessible regarding his academic background. He didn’t attend any university or college for advanced coursework according to reports.

Abdu Rozik keeps his personal life and work private. Because of this, we are currently lacking information regarding his parents and siblings. Currently it appears that he is single. He has never been married.


How old is Abdu Rozik?

Abdu Rozik is 19 years old. He was born on 3 September 2003. He is approximately 100 cm (3 feet, 2 inches) tall and weighs 18 kg. He has brown eyes and black hair. Unknown is his shoe size. He appears to be a young child based on his physical characteristics, which include being quite short.


Abdu Rozik has always enjoyed listening to music. He was inspired to start singing his own songs after listening to numerous well-known vocalists. Bekhruz Zugurov is mostly responsible for identifying his talent. He gave him financial support as a result, enabling him to start singing right away. Unlike other well-known musicians, he only uploads his tracks to YouTube.

Additionally, the majority of songs come with a music video when they are published. Additionally, he posts all of his songs to the more than 539k-subscriber Avlod Media YouTube account.

Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 5

He has released a number of successful songs over the past few years, including Chaki Chaki Boron, Oshiqami, etc. His song Ohi Dili Zor, which has received over 8 million views, is, nonetheless, his most well-known. He gained popularity mostly as a result of his height as well. Many people on social media have made fun of his tiny, adorable appearance, but it has also helped his career.

His confrontation with Hasbulla is another major factor in his popularity. They previously engaged in a fight at UFC 267, which went viral online. Both of them are now considered to be of legal age, so they may engage in competitive boxing in the future.

Abdu Rozik Net Worth

The total net worth of Abdu Rozik is $200,000. (estimated). Music & sponsorships are his main sources of revenue. He makes a respectable living as a singer by posting his music online. He is compensated according on the quantity of YouTube streams. On the other hand, his fame has enabled him to gain exposure throughout the world. He has recently collaborated with numerous prestigious brands as a result.


Abdul Rozik disease

Rozik had rickets as a child, but his parents were unable to afford the necessary medical care to treat him. This ultimately caused his growth to be stunted. Rozik weighed only 12 kg when he was 16 years old.

Currently, the young musician has relocated to Dushanbe, where he is sponsored financially by Baron, a Tajik rapper and blogger (Behruz). Abdu Rozik’s skill was initially seen by Baron, who then convinced his father to let Rozik pursue a career in music. Abdu Rozik was also given a medical checkup by Baron, who discovered that his condition might be addressed to allow for a growth of 40–50 cm.

Currently the teenage singer has moved to the city of Dushanbe, where he is financially supported by a Tajik blogger/rapper named Baron (Behruz). Baron was the first to recognize Abdu Rozik’s talent and persuaded his father to allow Rozik to pursue a career in music. Baron also took Abdu Rozik for a medical examination and found that his condition can be treated to allow a growth of 40-50 cm.


Facts about Abdu Rozik

  • He is under the management of the exclusive talent agency IFCM.
  • He has little more than 2,000 followers on his Tiktok account, which goes by the pseudonym official.abdurozikk
  • He can speak at least two language skills.
  • He enjoys visiting new places and has gone to a handful, including Dubai.
  • Abdu has interacted with a number of well-known figures, including Mohamed Ramadan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Redone, and AR Rahman.
  • His Twitter account is empty.
  • On his Instagram profile, which has more than 2 million followers, he posts his photos and videos.
  • Despite having millions of Instagram followers, he only has less than 100 followers.
  • He enjoys eating.
  • There are no tattoos on him.

Did Abdu Rozik fight Hasbulla Magomedov

Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik have never engaged in a recorded formal match. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, there was a rumor that it actually happened without any footage being made public.

The fight is still being publicly postponed and rescheduled. The notion was deemed unethical and incorrect by a representative of the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association last summer. Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik have taken advantage of the spotlight even if they haven’t carried out their original goal.

Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 6

They were able to meet celebrities, secure sponsorship deals, and introduce NFTs thanks to its usefulness. Because of what they accomplished as a team, they are well-known on their own. At this point, they don’t even need to fight. They frequently travel to Dubai and are icons and memes.


In May 2021, Hasbulla Magomedov and Abdu Rozik, two foes separated by over a thousand miles, agreed to sit down in Dagestan for a press conference moderated by popular vlogger Ashab “Chechen Hulk” Tamaev. The purpose was to promote their upcoming fight. Months earlier, Hasbulla had issued a challenge to take on any person in his weight class—up to 18 kilograms—and Abdu Rozik accepted the call.

The impending MMA match between the two internet personas has been highly anticipated by a sizable contingent of MMA fans. However, the social media hype and interests around the impending fight between Hasbulla Magomedov and Abdu Rozik were reprimanded by Russia’s Dwarf Athletic Commission.

Ulyana Podpalnaya, the head of the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association, stated to the Russian news that:


It’s not even like a show fight – they get paid a lot of money and it’s a show to make people laugh. There’s nothing serious about this, this isn’t sport. This is unethical, wrong, from my point of view. It seems to me that only on the one hand it can be correct and beautiful – if martial arts among small people are made a Paralympic sport. It could be judo, karate, and people will understand that this is a serious sport, serious performances, and not some kind of laughing show.”

Abdu Rozik meets with Cristiano Ronaldo other Manchester United stars

Tajik singer Abdu Rozik has always nursed the dream of meeting Cristiano Ronaldo and the dream came to reality during the 2021/2022 season.

Abdu Rozik met with Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard among others.

Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 7
Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 8
Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 9
Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 10
Abdu Rozik (World Smallest Singer) Background, career, age, height, net worth 11

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