Adamu Garba at it again! Here is why the ex-Presidential candidate is on top of the trendlist!

At the mention of the name, Adamu Garba, all knees won’t necessarily bow but one thing can be sure of is that tongues will attest that he has said something controversial.

Adamu Garba, who once sued the owner of Twitter, Jack Dorsey to court for using for supporting the #EndSARs protest, is currently under fire for comparing Armed bandits and the “defunct” Niger-Delta militants.

In a recent interview with AIT, Adamu Garba said armed bandits, who have been responsible for the recent kidnappings of students in the north are involved in the practice like the Niger-Delta militants did.

Adamu Garba said this reaction to what the Federal Government should do to the bandits after possibly deradicalising them.

He argued that the Niger-Delta militants were trained on various vocational skills. Consequently, he insinuated that the armed bandits should also get the same treatment since their level of criminalities are the same.

However, Adamu Garba has received several knocks by Nigerians Nigerians on social media for the comments he made.

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