All Progressive Congress volunteers share “Bread of life”, Dunlop slippers and Ludo game ahead of Ondo State Gubernatorial Election! Pictures πŸ‘‡

A group of volunteers from the All Progressive Congress (APC) took to the streets of Ondo to share items to the electorate in a bid to convince them to vote for the party ahead of the October 10 gubernatorial election.

This practice is not new to Nigeria’s political scene, in fact, it is a norm and in some cases food items such as rice, beans as well as clothing materials are shared.

These group of volunteers decided to cut their coats according to their sizes (maybe because of COVID-19 reality on the economy) by sharing loafs of bread, ludo game and slippers with APC emblem on them as well as the picture of the incumbent Governor, Rotimi “Aketi” Akeredolu

See pictures πŸ‘‡


Ondo Election

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