All you need to know about Iridescent Nails, Types of polish to use and how to apply! (Pictures)👇

Iridescent Nails

Why some ladies take hours in dressing-up for an event needs to be studied in school, someone said.” From the facial make-up, the choice of cloth and the perfume to wear, the hairstyle, painting of nails among others must be put in place before she steps out finally.

Nail-painting forms an integral part of a lady’s appearance and most often than not ladies tend to wear nail colors that will complement their dress.

Iridescent Nails

Nail painting is now a form of art nowadays such that there is different kind of designs one can choose from. In this piece, we shall be talking about iridescent nails, different types, and how to create one.

Iridescent nails are what is in vogue now and it is a departure from the conventional kind of nails most ladies were used to in time past as it comes with some unique features.

If something is said to be iridescent, then it is the case that light can pass through it thereby changing colors at different angles when the light reflects on it.

If you have iridescent nails on, then your nails will change colors when a source of light passes through or when pointed towards it.

Iridescent nails are a classy way to give your nails a unique and charming look such that it becomes what everybody gazes at an event, while you’re at the store or taking a walk downtown.

There are more than a hand full of iridescent nail designs. Some designs are inspired by abstract and physical objects such as seashells, the look of the sky at night among others.

The point is, whichever design you choose to wear, iridescent nails all have one thing in common; they all have this glittering and opalescent look that affords them to switch colors when pointed at a light source or when it reflects on it.

You don’t have to be a professional iridescent nail artist to wear one. All you need to do is to get an iridescent nail polish of your choice and you will be steps away from painting your nail with the design you want.

Iridescent Nails Polish to consider!

There are various ways to achieve iridescent nail polish if you desire to wear one but iridescent nail polish appears to be the most common and the quickest way to achieve one.

We have selected a few types of iridescent nail polish you can consider.

1. Pink Fire Opal by Mineral Fusion

Iridescent nail polish

The Pinky fire is one of the preferred polish by ladies. And this is because it has a subtle opalescence, it is has a unique pinky-orange color and it is cruelty-free.

2. Pearl of Wisdom by OPI


Aside from the fact that it comes in a unique bottle, the Pearl of Wisdom, the polish works as a topper on its own and it is long-lasting with an Infinite Shine top and base coat.

3. This Color’s Making Waves by OPI

The unique feature of this amazing polish by OPI is that it leaves your nails with shifting colors of mermaids’ tails and ocean waves. It also comes with the extra sparkle of micro glitter and it looks great in any lighting.

4. Pearl Jammin by China Glaze

The Pearl Jammin polish by China glaze comes with a strong coppery pink shimmer. dries quickly on your nails, and it gives a long-lasting manicure.

5. Valentina Milky Nail Polish

Valentina is a uniquely delicate shimmer with an amazing blend. It radiates stunning red to gold traveling shimmers from a deliciously milky-teal base and showcases herself beautifully when exposed to almost any kind of light source.

Other products you can consider include;

1. Iridescent Eye by Jessica

2. Scarlet by INLP

3.Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Color

4.Essie Nail Polish

5. Nicole Diary Mermaid Chrome Nail Polish.

Applying any of these iridescent nail polish requires nail skills whatsoever. You apply it the same way you apply your regular nail polishes.


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