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All You Need to Know About Third House Astrology

All You Need to Know About Third House Astrology 2

All You Need to Know About Third House Astrology

Have you ever wondered how skills like reading, assimilation, writing, editing, and public speaking are administered and governed? The third house astrology has all the answers you need!

In this article, we will cover the third house astrology and what happens when it is in zodiac signs. 

What Is The Third House Astrology?


Also known as the “house of communication”, third house astrology governs our mind and shapes our intellect. It shows our approach to problems, how we receive and analyze information. It is also concerned with the way we handle and communicate our intelligence. The house shows us that it is okay to use our intellect to get ahead in life.

The third house drives our communication and overall learning process that lead us to take certain decisions. This is important because it helps us to see the state of a person’s mind, allowing us to interact properly with them within their abilities. 

In addition, the third house astrology is the house of active learning through educational courses, seminars, and certified training. It speaks of our early education and intelligence; along with the joy and happiness that comes with being a child. 

It is where our connection to brothers, sisters, friends, and people outside of our material component stems from. In today’s growing technological advancement, the third house works in harmony with communication technology such as phones and laptops. 


Third House Astrology in Zodiac Signs       

Here, we explore what happens when the third house is in the different zodiac signs. 

  1. The Third House in Aries

When the third house is in the Aries sign, we will have a person with a fast mind full of active ideas who thinks smart, never stops thinking, and is aggressive about communication. However, while this is a good and largely coveted trait, it can also be a curse because the Aries sign holds anger issues alongside clear reasoning and intellect. 

Therefore, a person has to learn that words have consequences, even if others speak them. They also have to learn to build patience for matters that they often think of. Since they are aggressive about communication, they can be annoying to talk to and will need to learn how to be empathic with words and respect others. 

  1. The Third House in Gemini

This is the most natural position of the third house. Here, a person possesses clarity of words and mind, alongside a smart approach to situations. It means that they are attached to people and value communication. 

This positioning helps because Gemini naturally lack compassion and reasoning in practical issues; leading them to seek a healthy way of building respect for their time and body. It also helps them to learn true satisfaction and how to have heartfelt conversations. 

  1. The Third House in Aquarius       

The third house in Aquarius presents an individual with a mind full of brilliant ideas and active social life. They are rebellious and do not rely on advice. In addition, they often encounter problems when they feed their ego by being to go-to person for advice. 

Individuals with this positioning are more likely to become innovators and have more friends as long as they pay attention to their body and physical health.

  1. The Third House in Scorpio

With the third house astrology in Scorpio, an individual presents with a deep, strong mind that is hard to keep pure and free from an overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction. They enjoy dark humour and the position is prime for cultic matters, science, and research. 

Here, the individual has trouble forming emotional connections and needs deep emotional clarity and a lot of laughter to be able to approach life with lightness and beauty. 

To overcome this, such strong personalities need to actively imagine the beauty and choose an imaginative line of work that allows them to capture the beauty of living. This will help to clear the gloom; making them recognize the good in life.

  1. The Third House in Taurus                  

Having the third house in Taurus mean that thoughts are static, slow, and attuned to hedonistic matters. However, it is also one of the most constructive and practical positions.


If a person born with this positioning discovers that they can create, they fill up their daily routine with creating things easily while also enjoying the boring parts of the process. Their satisfaction comes from the material and financial gain that comes with creating. 

The challenge with this positioning is that they cannot often accept change. 

  1. The Third House in Leo

Here, thoughts are mostly about the self and the individual builds personality and character with clearly defined boundaries for others. It is a strong positioning that is often problematic for friendships and relationships because it brings many egotistical interactions. 

To overcome this, a person in this positioning must learn that nothing should be taken personally, accept, and nurture the state of being childlike. This will help them to attain happiness and be a light to everyone around. 

  1. The Third House in Pisces         

The third house astrology in Pisces is a sign of Mercury’s fall. Here, there is a conflict of reason and emotion making it confusing and challenging to think, speak, or write clearly. 

However, since the Pisces sign is concerned with our talents, it is possible to reach clarity by avoiding all mind-altering substances. These include narcotics, alcohol, and pain medication. This is because achieving a state of purity in the mind results in purity of words and allows us to make reasonable choices. 

  1. The Third House in Virgo       

The third house in Virgo is a strange position that can be as weakening as it is empowering. While the Virgo sign is popular for intelligence, clarity, and outstanding mental capabilities, it is also a point of practicalities like health, physiology, and routine. 

Therefore, in this position, individuals have health issues and then play the victim card because they lack emotional satisfaction and are constantly seeking faults in everything, including themselves. 


To overcome this, individuals need to develop strong faith and always be open to love, inspiration, and creativity without looking for a logical explanation for everything that happens. 

  1. The Third House in Sagittarius

With this positioning, we see an individual who talks a lot. This is where we find people of wide perspectives such as philosophical thinkers. 

Here, their beliefs influence their existence and individual opinions are generally. The position can also mean a lack of direction with no knowledge of their true path or destination. 

From a positive angle, people in this position are optimists, widely travelled, and are often teachers. They love to give and have a mind that is always ready to learn. From a negative one, they talk excessively, get lost easily, and do more of thinking and talking than acting in their own best interest. When they are tired and lost, their opinions and expressions become scattered. 

  1. The Third House in Cancer

People in this position inherit intelligence. They are often born into families with well-educated people who have a command of wide dictionary and they are rooted in their ancestry, sharing similarities. 

The problem with this position is that they rely on their ancestral view for separating emotions from rational issues. Therefore, they need to build their individuality and care for their mind to relieve their mind of any form of pressure because of their ancestry.

  1. The Third House in Libra      

Having a third house astrology placement in Libra means that individuals will think and speak of other people a lot. While this is good for their relationship with people, it is hard to get over and most do not unless they learn to shut others out. 

People with this placing have a strong personality and are self-aware before talking to others about their judgments and attitudes. When they learn that their opinions matter and are confident enough to express them, they become great speakers with the ability to increase people’s confidence, clarity, and awareness. 


While they have the potential to be great thinkers, they can become judgmental and making a change is almost impossible. 

  1. The Third House in Capricorn                      

When the third house astrology is in Capricorn, we have tough individuals. While Capricorn is the sign of practical things as well as depth and rationality, it is also the sign of mistakes, karma, cold-heartedness, and damaged things. 

Therefore, to maintain a balance, they must remain connected to their emotional core, giving expression to compassion and rest. This is especially true in cases where they interact with constantly problematic people. 

When they establish clear boundaries and allow rest, such individuals will experience clarity in your mind and can now look to the future. They also have the potential to become an inspiration, have in-depth knowledge, and become practical mentors if they learn to take life easy. 



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