All you need to know about using credit cards in the US


All you need to know about using credit cards in the US

There is a need to know more about using credit cards in the United States of America (USA). In this article, all there is to know about using credit cards in the United States of America.

It’s worth knowing how to use your credit card across the pond as the USA Home to the Statue of Liberty and Hollywood Boulevard is such a popular destination among very countries around the world.

Rather than the chip-and-PIN method that many are now used The insert-and-sign method is the most common form of payment when making purchases in the USA.


Though you should be aware that payment methods differ slightly from those around the world as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards are all widely accepted in the USA.

Cash machines in the USA are located at bars, restaurants, supermarkets, petrol stations, and even on streets as ATMs are easy to find in the USA.
make sure you present a form of ID when doing this, such as your passport Another way to avoid surcharge fees is to simply ask for cashback when shopping at supermarkets and stores.

Which does not require you to pay a surcharge, Here is an ATM locator of all MoneyPass ATMs, ATMs usually charge you a fee simply for using the ATM, though this may change depending on location per transaction.


Since many are not chip-and-PIN enabled, you may find that your card doesn’t work in some ATMs If your card doesn’t have a magnetic stripe on the back. so newer ATMs are more likely to have a chip reader, the magnetic strip is slowly being phased out, however.

You’ll pay interest, if you withdraw cash as an advance from your credit card, you are also likely to be charged a foreign currency exchange fee per ATM transaction It’s worth bearing in mind that when using ATMs.

Especially as the USA has a culture of tipping, It may be handy to take some dollars with you if you plan on tipping servers at restaurants and bars. except for paying at either small bars or food trucks, It is perfectly acceptable to use your card for most small transactions.

It is not yet used by all stores, While the USA has started to roll out a chip-and-PIN system across the country. so you should be prepared to insert your card and then sign the printed slip given to you by the store, the insert-and-sign method is used most commonly.


Then you can use the swipe-and-sign method instead, and your card has a magnetic strip If the shop does not accept the chip cards. with no requirement for a signature This means in some places you may be able to simply swipe or insert your card to complete a transaction. decided to remove the requirement for signatures on purchases of several card networks, including Mastercard and Visa.

Although this may vary depending on the shop, typically do not require your signature Signing typically depends on the transaction total. It’s also worth noting that contactless payments aren’t yet accepted in the USA.

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You’ll have a relatively trouble-free experience By exercising some caution when using your credit card in the USA. Use one hand to enter the PIN and the other to shield it from prying eyes and hidden cameras, Keep your PIN safe. Try and stick to ATMs in banks and avoid using ones in the street and select ATMs with care.


Cancel your transaction and look for another ATM If you feel the card slot is not as smooth as it should be or if there’s a problem with the keypad. a card skimmer works by stealing information from credit and debit cards therefore watch out for skimmers.

So make sure you know where your card and forms of identification are at all times, There also have been numerous instances of identity theft. Especially where two or more people work in distracting victims before decamping with their valuables Remain alert to street crime.

So know what you’re up against well in advance and choose a card with no or low fees Credit card fees can leave a noticeable dent in your pocket when you’re traveling overseas. this could be a good time to switch so if you’re planning a trip Some cards designed for travel come with no foreign transaction fees so check your card’s terms to avoid statement surprises.

Choose to pay in dollars, Whenever you’re presented with an option, you might also end up paying currency conversion fees, you’ll actually end up getting a worse exchange rate, While this might sound like a good deal, dynamic currency conversion comes into play If a shop offers to bill your credit card in sterling.


You’re likely to pay a cash advance fee, Each time you withdraw funds from an ATM Using your credit card to withdraw money from an ATM may not make sense unless it’s a bona fide emergency.

Some cards designed for overseas spending will waive this fee, you start paying interest immediately, and you’ll typically get no grace period on interest as Your APR for cash advances is typically higher than your purchase APR.

Here is how to Apply for a Credit Card in the USA


You may want to consider applying for a credit card for the length of your stay If you are an international student studying in the United States. particularly those from countries that are largely run on cash or debit cards Applying for a credit card in the US can be an intimidating concept for many international students.

It is essential in establishing a line of credit especially if you want things like a mobile phone, or to buy a house, and having a credit card for the length of your stay will be extremely convenient The United States is a largely cashless society.

In order to get yourself on the credit ladder in the USA and secure a credit card So here are the steps to follow. Apply for a Social Security Number – Some banks will be willing to waive the SSN requirement for you, If you are not employed or have an SSN.

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Used to report your wages to the government and to determine eligibility for Social Security benefits, If you are a student studying in the US on an F-1, M-1, or J-1 student visa as SSNs are assigned to people who are authorized to work in the US. The major requirement that banks have for applying for a credit card in the US is a Social Security Number (SSN), you can apply for an SSN,

In order to apply for an SSN, you must first have employment in the US (for off-campus employment, you are going to have to receive authorization from the Department of Homeland Security).  You will then take your application and documents to your local Social Security office.

Even if you don’t have a social security number or credit history you deserve the opportunity to have a credit card. To apply for an SSN, you will need to complete an Application for Social Security Card (Form SS-5) and show documents proving your work-authorized immigration status, age, and identity.

Having a steady source of income and a checking or savings account will boost your chances of being accepted, because too many rejections will negatively affect your chances of another financial institute accepting your application, particularly for cards designed for students with lower credit lines, It is also a good idea not to apply for too many cards at once.


Eliminating the risk of a third party obtaining your information and reducing the possibility of identity theft, your personal data goes straight to the financial institute as You should also consider applying online on a secured site. Do not apply for too many cards at once as it can negatively impact your credit and you may find that you will be rejected from many banks as it can be very hard to secure credit As an international student just coming into the USA


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