All you need to know about Waves Boat and Social Club and how to become a member!


Being a member of a boat club is one of the many luxuries one can enjoy in life as one get to a certain stage in life. It doesn’t matter whether you have a boat or not, you can be part of a biat club in your neighborhood and experience a different form of luxury.

If you are looking for a boat club to join, then we have got an ideal choice for you. The Waves Boat and Social Club is a locally-run club with five locations in Brendation, Venice, Sarasota, and Placida.

The Waves Boat and Social Club take pride in its vast fleets and over 60 varieties of spotless boats which are all available for all members of the club.

One of the numerous benefits of being a member of Waves Biat and Social Club is the opportunity to get trained on how to navigate intra-coastal waterways that leads to exotic coastal restaurants and other places members wish to visit.


As a member of the Waves Biat and Social Club, one also particioate in social events such as beach parties, sight-seeing tours, sunset cruises, dolphin sightseeing and more! In addition, one will also meet other members of the club.

Waves Boat and Social Club offer a “concierge” type of service when you first arrive at the club. You and your crew will be ushered to your clean and ready to use boat.

The longevity and success of Waves Boat and Social Club can be attributed to its commitment to quality service, attention to details and professionalism.

With more than 25 years of boat club experience and members from all across the U.S. and the world; Waves Boat and Social Club takes pride as one of the bestboating resource in the United States.


How to be a member of Waves Boat and Social Club

Membership ranges from $229-$329/month plus a one time joining fee depending on your boating requirements.  They also have an offer of pre-payment discounts for pre-paid dues.

Waves Boat Club Reviews

Tommy and Lorraine Rheilander

After looking at the cost and work of ownership of a boat in Florida, my wife Roz and I looked into a boat club. Waves was the answer and we have not regretted it for one second. I love to fish and have actually found Roz loves it too! We have done that as well as seeing manatees, dolphins and sea turtles. Every time we go out on a Waves boat, it is a new adventure. Joining Waves is one of the best decisions we have ever made. Special note to Tonya, Jacob and Marco, you guys are the best examples of great customer service I have seen with over 40 years in that business. (pictures for me as well)

Erik Dunigan


I’ve been a member for over 10 years and it has been the best and easiest way to get on Sarasota’s (beautiful/gorgeous) water. Great boats and most importantly new and reliable motors. The staff is incredibly helpful and accommodating! Couldn’t recommend Waves any stronger!!

Marvin Oshan

Joining Waves Boat Club has been one of my best decisions. Since the day they taught me how to drive a boat, I’ve enjoyed countless hours of fun on the water with family and friends. The whole staff is wonderful and have treated me like family. Several friends have joined after seeing how nicely this company is run. If you love being on the water– like I do, Waves is the way to go!


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