Andrew Klavan’s wife Ellen Flanagan: Background, Career, Net Worth, Social Media!

Who is Andrew Klavan’s Wife Ellen Flanagan?

Andrew Klavan’s wife is known as Ellen Flanagan. Andrew Klavan married Ellen Flanagan, daughter of Thomas Flanagan and sister of Caitlin Flanagan, in 1980. They have two children, Spencer Klavan, and Faith Moore, and live in Nashville, Tennessee. Not much is known about Ellen Flanagan, unlike her husband who is a novelist and political commentator.

Andre Klavan Background

Andrew Klavan (born 1954) is an American author and screenwriter who specializes in “tough-guy” mysteries and psychological thrillers. True Crime (1999) and Don’t Say A Word (2001) are two of Klavan’s books that have been made into films. He has been nominated for the Edgar Award four times and has won it twice. Laurence Klavan, a novelist, and playwright, is his brother.

Klavan was born in the city of New York. Gene Klavan was a New York City disc jockey and half of the radio show “Klavan and Finch.” He spent his childhood on Long Island with his three brothers. His parents reared him in the Jewish tradition, but he did not believe in any of the faith’s beliefs and subsequently stated that he felt “dishonesty” and “shame” professing to. Soon after his Bar Mitzvah, he became an agnostic. Later, he became a Christian.

Ellen Flanagan husband Andrew Flanagan

His future wife, Ellen Flanagan, met him at the University of California, Berkeley. He momentarily dropped out of school to work in local radio news.

He went on to work as a reporter for a small Putnam County, New York newspaper, a reader for Columbia Pictures, and a news writer for both WOR Radio and the ABC Radio Network. He identified as a liberal at the time, despite his opposition to particular programs, such as affirmative action.


Klavan wrote his first novel, Face of the Earth in 1977. He then relocated to Putnam County, New York, where he worked as a reporter for a local newspaper. His experiences covering local crime later inspired his novel Corruption.

After the publication of Face of the Earth, Klavan returned to New York and held various jobs, such as a script reader for Columbia Pictures and a news writer for WOR Radio and ABC Radio Networks. During this period, he wrote mysteries and freelance book reviews, including The Scarred Man under the pseudonym Keith Peterson. His novel The Rain received the Edgar Award for Best Original Paperback.

Klavan also ventured into writing supernatural thrillers, publishing novels like The Animal Hour, Don’t Say A Word (which received an Edgar nomination), and Corruption. Additionally, he wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation of Simon Brett’s novel A Shock to the System.

Ellen Flanagan

Following a move to London with his family, Klavan wrote True Crime and two other novels. After seven years, he returned to the United States, settling in Santa Barbara, California. During this time, he completed the novel Man and Wife (currently being developed into a motion picture) and penned the Weiss/Bishop trilogy: Dynamite Road, Shotgun Alley, and Damnation Street.

In 2008, Klavan released Empire of Lies, a political novel centered around the war on terror. The following year, he published The Last Thing I Remember, a thriller targeted at young adults.

Klavan is known for his contributions to through his regular video commentaries titled “Klavan on Culture.” He also became a contributor to the center-right social networking and blogging website in May 2010.

Identifying as a conservative, Klavan has voiced the opinion that “rightists” face discrimination in Hollywood. He believes that those in the American arts should fulfill their role of “speaking truth to power” by being willing to criticize those in power on the Left. His comparison of George W. Bush to Batman in The Dark Knight stirred controversy when published in July 2008.

Andrew Klavan Novels

Andrew Klavan has written more than a handful of novels since 1977. Below are some of the novels;

  • Face of the Earth (1977)
  • Agnes Mallory (1985)
  • Mrs. White (1987) (as Margaret Tracy, with Laurence Klavan)
  • There Fell A Shadow (1988) (as Keith Peterson)
  • The Rain (1988) (as Keith Peterson)
  • Darling Clementine (1988)
  • The Trap Door (1988) (as Keith Peterson)
  • Son of Man (1988)
  • The Scarred Man (1989) (as Keith Peterson)
  • Rough Justice (1989) (as Keith Peterson)
  • Don’t Say a Word (1991)
  • The Animal Hour (1992)
  • Corruption (1993)
  • True Crime (1995)
  • Suicide (1995)
  • The Uncanny (1998)
  • Hunting Down Amanda (1999)
  • Man and Wife (2001)
  • Dynamite Road (2003)
  • Shotgun Alley (2004)
  • Damnation Street (2006)
  • Empire of Lies (2008)
  • The Homelanders: The Last Thing I Remember (2009)
  • The Homelanders: The Long Way Home (2010)
  • The Homelanders: The Truth of the Matter (2010)
  • The Identity Man (2010)
  • The Homelanders: The Final Hour (2011)
  • Crazy Dangerous (2012)

Net Worth

Andrew Klavan, the renowned screenwriter, has a reported net worth of $63 million at the age of 65, as per sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and various online resources. His wealth has been accumulated through his successful career as a professional screenwriter. Klavan hails from New York.

Social Media

Ellen Flanagan’s husband Andrew Klavan is active on social media. He has over 117k followers on his Instagram page. He is also available on Twitter with over 282K followers.

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