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Aries Rising: Characteristics, Traits and 15 Famous Personalities with the distinct Astrology sign!

Aries Rising: Characteristics, Traits and 15 Famous Personalities with the distinct Astrology sign! 2

People with Aries Rising are domineering and ambitious. They love to be in charge and they don’t run away from challenges whatsoever. These individuals are smart, quick and direct.

Aries Rising individuals are extremely competitive and have a fierce desire to succeed no matter how difficult the situation or circumstances might be.

They, however, have a strong aversion for people who are timid and sluggish.


Aries rising individuals have a quick temper, however, he or she rarely holds a grudge. They are the most independent and self-reliant sign in the zodiac.

Another common feature of Aries Rising personalities is that they love to blaze the trail. They are also goal-getters. Their traits might offend people because they are sometimes too bossy. However, they just want to get the job done always.

Physical Features of People with Aries Rising 


They are usually thin but muscular with an average height. They are rudy complexion, with V-shaped face and a broadhead. They also tend to have a bushy eyebrow and rough and thick hairs on the head.

Health and People with Aries Rising 

They are unfortunately prone to injuries, scars, bruises among others. fever, colitis, pimples, small poxes. Insomnia and paralysis. People with these signs will do more than good to themselves if they engage in extreme sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, in-line roller-skating, street lugging, and BMX and mountain biking.


Mental Capacity

They are dogged and mentally strong. They have the “stamina” to withstand almost anything life throws at them. They are usually faced with a lot of challenges in life. Despite their strong will to succeed, they tend to be flexible to achieve their aim.

They love to go into politics and do excel once they have opportunities. They are nonchalant about faith-related issues or religion.


They are adventurous, they love sports activities and are liberal when it comes to spending money.

However, despite their enviable traits, people with Aries Rising take decisions without thinking of the consequences most times.

Love Life of Aries Rising 


They belong to the “Fine Boys Association.” Anyone with this sign will be considered as a ladies man mostly because of their attractive physical features. They love to have audacious romance.

They are very direct and realistic in exchanging mutual love. They are also eager to have long-lasting love and relationship.

The person with Aries ascendant most often than not always get a romantic and passionate lady.



In as much as they tend not to be afraid to spend, they sometimes end up lavishing their resources on questionable investments. However, they are not covetous neither are they always eager to get wealth for themselves.

15 Celebrities with Aries Rising


Rihanna, Kourtney Kardashian, Joan Collins, Lea Michele, Christian Louboutin, Eva Peron, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Nicks, Joan Rivers, Walt Whitman, John Lennon, Joan Baez, James Dean, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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