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Azja Pryor: Here is all you need to know about Chris Tucker’s ex-wife! 

Azja Pryor: Here is all you need to know about Chris Tucker's ex-wife!  2

Azja Pryor is the ex-wife of Chris Tucker, the star of the Rush Hour franchise. She is an American health coach and former casting director. She moved to Los Angeles after her divorce from the movie star to start a new chapter in her life. What are your impressions on her current situation and relationship? Azja Pryor was born on September 18, 1978, to Deborah B. Pryo, a voice-over artist; no information about her father is available. She grew up in Berkeley, California, in the United States. Pryo has two brothers and sisters.

Azja Pryor: Here is all you need to know about Chris Tucker's ex-wife!  3
Azja Pryor

People only knew her as Chris Tucker’s wife over the years. She is now a professional health coach, a devoted mother, and a loving wife. Everything you need to know about Azja Pryor’s life is right here.


Biography of Azja Pryor

Azja is from Berkeley, California, in the United States of America. Deborah B. Pryor was her mother. The name of her father remains unknown to the general public. She is the youngest of three siblings, with a brother and a sister.

Azja Pryor is a wildlife enthusiast who enjoys spending her free time hiking. She follows a strict balanced diet to preserve her voluptuous form as a fitness addict.


Azja adores traveling, and she is frequently seen traversing Europe and the United States with her spouse during important holidays.

Azja was good friends with the late pop king, Michael Jackson, when she was dating her first husband, and she and her husband, Chris, were major witnesses in his defense during his child abuse trial.

Azja is a Muslim; she was raised as a Christian but converted to Islam after marrying her second husband, Cherif, a devout Muslim.


What is Azja Pryor’s Age? 

She was born on September 18, 1978, according to her Instagram. Azja will be 43 years old in 2022.


Hamilton Sr. High School was where she completed her high school education. She then submitted an application to Los Angeles Community College.

What is the net worth of Azja Pryor? Her estimated net worth is $1 million, according to The CelebsCloset. Working as a casting director, nutritionist, and health coach helped her earn this remarkable quantity of money.



Azja was an ordinary woman with a few jobs before marrying a Hollywood superstar. Nonetheless, she is naturally hardworking and has made great use of her celebrity and talent over the years. She worked as a casting assistant in four TV films at the start of her career, and her hard work earned her the position of Casting Director. The former Herbalife independent member from California also boasted about her appearance in the 2005 musical “Eve.”

Azja is now an educator at the well-known Center for Baby Wearing Studies (commonly known as CBWS) and also provides fitness training.

She is fascinated by current technology and uses her Instagram account to promote companies, businesses, and lifestyles. She sells a wide range of wellness and health products on her Linktr.ee, from surfboards and bikes to healthy nutritional supplements. She also uses her popular Instagram account to keep her fans up to date on her recent professional accomplishments as well as discuss her personal interests.


Azja Pryor Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be in the region of $1m according to popular blog The Celeb Closet Her earnings come from being a director, nutritionist s well as a health coach.

Azja Pryor Relationship 

Pryor married Chris Tucker, a well-known American stand-up comedian and actor, in 1997. At the time, he was one of the highest-paid actors in the business. In 2003, the couple divorced.

She began dating Christopher Brian Bridges, a well-known American actor and rapper, in 2005. (best known under the stage name of Ludacris). 


They broke up the following year. She is presently married to Cherif A Ndiaye after a fresh marriage. Adou Ndiaye or Aduman is how his friends and family refer to him.

He is from Senegal. Azja’s husband works as a personal trainer and life coach. What about her ex-spouse? Is Chris Tucker married?

Azja Pryor current husband

Azja is married to Cherif Ndiaye, a fitness fanatic, with whom she has a daughter, Iman Joelle, who was born in 2017. Aleyana and Ajamal, both from Cherif’s previous relationship, are Pryor’s stepchildren.


The family appears to be having a good life together, with no signs of divorce or scandal, and they enjoy sharing images on their many social media profiles. On her Instagram profile, she recently posted a photo of herself, Joelle, and her husband with the message, ‘Forget a relationship.’ ‘Forge an alliance and expand your kingdom…’

Pryor is said to have had a brief relationship with Christopher B. Bridge, better known by his stage as Ludacris, before marrying Cherif. Pryor began dating the 44-year-old Emmy and MTV Video Music Award-winning singer in 2005, according to reports. Ludacris moved on after their breakup, pursuing a few other relationships until marrying Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, a Gabonese supermodel with whom he has two daughters.

Pryor had already walked down the aisle with Chris Tucker, the aforementioned acclaimed entertainer. The couple married in 1997 and stayed married for about six years before splitting for undisclosed reasons. Destin Chistopher Tucker, a director and writer, was born to them in 1998.


According to his mother’s social media accounts, he graduated from Morehouse College’s film department with a bachelor’s degree in Television, Cinema, and Emerging Media Studies in 2021. Shortly after, Chris began dating India Arie Simpson, an accomplished American singer-songwriter who has won four Emmy Awards and earned nearly 23 nominations for her work. They’ve been dating for a few months now but not legally married.

Azja Pryor: Here is all you need to know about Chris Tucker's ex-wife!  4
Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor


Who is Chris Tucker’s current wife? 

The actor’s admirers follow him in both his professional and personal lives. They’re looking for solutions to several topics, including “Who is Chris Tucker’s Wife?”

Chris Tucker dated several women after his divorce from Azja, including Vanessa Mendoza, Gelila Asres, and Nia Long, but none of them became his wife. He is currently seeing India Arie, who has been his long-time girlfriend.

Azja Pryor Children 

Azja Tucker gave birth to a son, Destin Christopher Tucker, while she was married to Chris Tucker. On September 13, 1998, he was born. Pryor and her kid went to Los Angeles after her divorce from Tucker. Oaks Christian School was his alma mater. He moved to Atlanta to pursue college after graduation. Destin is 22 years old right now.

Azja Pryor: Here is all you need to know about Chris Tucker's ex-wife!  5

He went into the film industry to follow in his father’s footsteps. Unlike his father, Destin Christopher loves to work behind the scenes. Azja gave birth to her daughter, Iman Joelle, while in a relationship with Cherif A Ndiaye. 

Her birthday is April 16th, 2017. After her marriage to Cherif A Ndiaye, Azja is also the mother of Cherif A Ndiaye’s two children from a previous relationship.

Azja Pryor is now a health coach and lives a healthy lifestyle. With her spouse and children, she spends a substantial lot of time traveling. 


Did Chris Tucker stop acting? 

According to a new documentary, comedian Chris Tucker’s absence from the film has a lot to do with his religious beliefs.

Tucker has been largely absent from the film industry, but Comedy Hype reports that this isn’t due to a lack of vetting or scripts being offered to him. As a result of his re-dedication to his religion, he’s become exceedingly cautious about what he lends his name and talent to.

Tucker made his TV film debut in 1993’s “The Meteor Man,” in which he played an MC. Following that, he appeared in “Friday,” where his performance was widely lauded, earning him MTV Movie Award nominations. He secured further prominent roles in other blockbuster shows as his career grew, including “Rush Hour,” “Long Halftime Walk,” “Hanging With Mr Cooper,” and others. Chris won an MTV Movie Award for “Rush Hour 2” in 2002 (for Best Fight). He was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award for his work on the same film.


Chris was one of the highest-paid actors in the 1990s when he was at the pinnacle of his entertainment career. He made a lot of money working in films and movies, and as of 2022, he was worth a lot of money. Chris Tucker’s net worth is said to be $5m

Profile Summary Azja Pryor 

Full name: Azja Pryor 

Date of birth: 18 September 1978 


Azja Pryor age: 42 years (as of 2021) 

Place of birth: Berkeley, California, USA 

Marital status: Married 


Children: 4 

Profession: Health coach, former casting director 

Net worth: $1 million


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