Best Tips to achieve the perfect Goth Make-Up

Best Tips to Achieve The Perfect Goth Make-Up

Rocking a gothic look is perfect for every season. Since goth culture is heavy on appearance, achieving the perfect goth make-up is important. With it, you can spice up your appearance with a bit of the dark side or make it a  daily aesthetic. 

Whether you love rocking the spooky aesthetic daily or are looking for the perfect Halloween makeup, we know how hard getting the perfect goth makeup can be so these steps are for you.

Goth make-up

5 Best Tips to Choose The Perfect Goth Make-Up

Goth makeup allows you to add some drama to your look and here are some tips for choosing the best goth makeup products:

Tip 1: Choose a foundation that is two shades lighter than your skin tone.

To achieve the pale skin that goths rock, you need to go for a good foundation that is two shades lighter than your skin tone to act as a base for your makeup.

If you have a darker skin tone, be sure to buy white makeup press powder which will be applied over the foundation to give your face a pale appearance that blends well with your natural skin tone. 

Generally, buying makeup primer that contains SPF is advised because it makes your makeup last longer and it preps your skin for makeup application. 

Tip 2: Dark eyeshadow shades are a winner

Wanna have fun with your goth makeup? Go for dark eyeshadow shades like blue, purple, and black. You can also apply some dark brown eyeshadow over your eyeliner to create a dramatic look. 

Since most goths use the same eyeshadow and lipstick color, you can have this in mind while choosing your colors. 

Tip 3: Use a black eyeliner for your goth makeup

If you’ve never used eyeliners, try a black eyeliner pencil first. This is because with pencils, the application is easy and mistakes can be quickly corrected by using the edge of your finger. The best eyeliner pencils are labeled as non-smudging and long-lasting. 

However, experienced users can go for black liquid eyeliners to create more defined lines around the eyes. If you sweat a lot or will be in a wet environment, go for waterproof eyeliners to avoid smudging.

Tip 4: Black mascara is a must for goth makeup

Black mascara darkens your eye area and makes you look more ethereal. This is why it is important for perfecting goth makeup. It also lengthens and darkens your lashes. 

If you are looking to play with colors, buying colored mascaras in darker tones like red or blue is perfect. To apply, simply use the colors as the first layer on your bare lashes or layer them on top of your pre-applied black mascara. 

Tip 5: Look for dark lipstick shades

Of course, you know that goth makeup is incomplete without dark lipstick! If you are looking to switch it up, replace the simple black lipstick with darker shades like dark red, maroon, or dark purple.

How To Achieve The Perfect Goth Makeup

Now that you know the best makeup products to achieve a flawless gothic look, here are the steps to achieving the perfect Goth Makeup:

Step 1: Exfoliate and Moisturize

A great way to start the application process is to exfoliate and moisturize your face before applying the foundation. Doing this will make the foundation look better because your skin will be smooth and clean.

To exfoliate, use a foaming cleanser and toner. Then, use a facial moisturizer to achieve a supple and hydrated look. Moisturizing your face will also prevent dry patches from forming on your skin while wearing your goth makeup. 

Step 2: Apply Sunscreen and Primer

The next step is to apply sunscreen to your face. This will keep protecting your skin from tanning, giving you a pale gothic look. Making a habit of using sunscreen will keep your skin young and damage-free. The ideal sunscreen has at least 30 SPF.

You can also use an SPF primer over your face and neck.

Step 3: Apply Foundation With a Makeup Sponge

Always use a makeup sponge to apply the foundation. While you can use your fingers, achieving a flawless, even application is easier with a makeup sponge. 

To apply, spread a thin layer of foundation over your skin, taking care to get the foundation between your eyebrows, on areas around your nose, and your chin. Be sure to cover the areas that tend to get red. 

Remember that you only need one layer of the foundation because applying too much foundation can cause caking or whitening of the face.

Step 4: Use Setting Powder

After applying the foundation, use a setting powder to keep it in place for a long. Apply the powder to your entire face using a powder pad to avoid runny makeup.

Step 5: Use Eyeliner

Here, use your black eyeliner pencil to achieve a goth look by drawing a line on the top and bottom of your eye. This will create a distinct line around your lashes.

You can switch it up by using a liquid eyeliner to create small wings that extend from your upper lids. To do this, allow the line to extend an inch past your eye corner. 

Step 6: With a Makeup Brush, Apply Eyeshadow

To get the best of your goth makeup process, use a makeup brush to apply a dark shade of eyeshadow. You can make it unique by using different colors on your upper and lower lids. 

Step 7: Lashes and Brows

Finish your flawless goth makeup by applying black mascara to your eyelashes. 

To do this, start by curling your lashes before putting on one coat of mascara and allowing it to dry. You can apply a second coat if you are looking to achieve darker eyelashes. If you have fewer lashes or very light lashes, you can use false lashes to give your lashes more volume and definition. 

Draw your brows using a darker shade of brow pencil than your natural color. 

Step 8: Lipstick Finish

Complete your goth makeup with a dark shade of lipstick by applying it directly from the tube or using a small makeup brush to spread it on your lips. 

Step 9: Set the Makeup With a Mist

Goth makeup commands attention because of its clean and smooth finish. This is why you need to use a face mist as it helps to keep your makeup fresh and in place. If you live in a hot climate, applying face mist helps to keep your skin hydrated.

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