Black Don’t Crack skin explained in comparison with others

Black Don’t Crack skin explained in comparison with others

There is a need to know about Black don’t crack according to the trends. In this article, we will explain what the term black don’t crack means in comparison to others.

Let’s start by telling a story about Black don’t crack which is very relatable regarding a young couple. In the doorway of his latest renovation, we saw a home developer we know as we walked toward our house. The developer’s assistant is an older Black woman and his assistant came to the doorway with a younger woman.

She’s 26 years old his assistant’s granddaughter when the developer finally tells us who the lady who just left the property is. His assistant does not look like she’d have a 26-year-old granddaughter as the couple were both shocked about the discovery.

Black Don’t Crack, the home developer says Seeing their shock. Their face contorts as they walk away quickly speechless. What bothers the couple is the phrase, “Black Don’t Crack,” which they asked themselves after they got home.

They have certainly heard the phrase all their life but not sure if it has always bothered them. American actress Viola Davis has a show coming out called Black Don’t Crack but know it doesn’t bother some other Black people. Because of melanin in the skin, there’s a biological basis for this stereotype so where did this rhyming phrase come from?

Is saying the same thing “Black Don’t Crack” or “Black is Beautiful like the mottos of the past. It seems like it’s always said as a sassy retort, Black folks invented this term as You know maybe some well-meaning, sassy-fierce.

Does that mean we should accept it if Black folks invented this term? Even from people who are supposedly free People can pick up bad habits as Black folks internalize oppression too. But those outside a community shouldn’t And maybe this is an example of how a person in a community can use a term.

First must question every assumption and statement about Blackness, given the world’s history with Blackness In any case. Everything it thinks about being Black and Blackness the world has to reexamine. Needing to be questioned and challenged, every backhanded compliment, pseudo positive thing, stereotype, and slur.

Because it’s been so wrong, how it describes Blackness we can’t assume the world has anything right about Blackness every way the world defines Black we should not willingly accept. As there is belive the black don’t crack phrase has expired, Language evolves, language is not timeless which is another point to keep in mind.

With some basis in biology, ‘Black Don’t Crack” is a stereotype I’m sure we can agree to that. There can be some downsides to darker skin, it has fault lines, with some basis in biology but even as a stereotype.

Stereotypes that appear to be positive, we may need to be more critical about. The phrase “Black Don’t Crack” sucks away achievement individuality and personal responsibility.

It’s dismissive, maybe someone has taken good care of themselves It takes away the possibility. It has a way of reducing a person and isn’t all positive in fact.

It may even be disrespectful to call attention to their age depending on the person’s age. If “Black Don’t Crack” is something we really believe? digging deeper is a very important question. how does that play out in our society? if we do believe “Black Don’t Crack,”

Another way Black bodies are objectified, is that what “Black Don’t Crack” means? to undercut white standards of beauty? Has “Black Don’t Crack” really done anything. because of Blackness, It’s a way to say someone appears younger than they are.

To make us strange and superhuman Is that phrase just another way? a statement about looking good for your age is what “Black Don’t Crack” means.

Why then are Black bodies being shattered? if that’s true that “Black Don’t Crack,” why are Black babies being killed? if, “Black Don’t Crack,” saying you’re scared of us at the same time but also been saying out one side of your mouth, “Black Don’t Crack,” They say A teenage girl is an aggressive woman and a 12-year-old boy looks like a man And yet “Black Don’t Crack.”

With — “Black Don’t Crack” can we cross-examine the next police officer who fears teenagers. it’s an attempt to steal innocence and apply guilt when Black youth are considered full-grown adults let’s agree that white supremacy is wrought with wrinkles If we want to talk about age.

We aren’t going back while some people these days are trying to take us back to the heyday and youth of white supremacy. White people have been trying to crack Black people for centuries and the fact is white America has been aging Black people for years.

To “crackdown on Black people.” Means “Cracking down on crime” Let’s talk about how we’ve endured, let’s talk about being malleable, in a good way Instead of talking about melanin.

We are looking pretty good as a people despite the wear and tear of white supremacy and anti-Blackness we still rise despite verifiable biological and psychological effects of racism from terror and time, Stop trying to theorize why we aren’t breaking and disintegrating.

Black people aren’t a code or a puzzle to solve Just stop trying to crack us. Unless they lead to true understanding Let’s just stop with the comparisons. especially the ones that rhyme, We need to be careful about the words we let roll out of our mouths.

it’s the stereotypes and the narrow definitions if there’s anything about Blackness that must crack to let the humanity and commonalities bleed through We need to crack and chip away at the world’s view of Blackness.

The phrase “Black don’t crack” is probably one you’ve used yourself or heard before. In regards to clack women, passed through our universal DNA we heard that good skin is a genetic trait in the grand scheme of biology aren’t necessary, buying things we don’t need or doing things Women over time have been manipulated by the beauty industry.

Women of color lightened our skin, changed our hair in all kinds of things in order to keep up with the Joneses, as they had to conform to European beauty standards for generations.

We talk about melanin magic in the black community a ton, Everyone in the world has melanin in their skin It’s the genes. Whether you’re fair and pink or deep and brown It’s what causes any kind of pigment.

Eumelanin is the specific type of melanin that makes dark skin dark hence it’s actually eumelanin magic the darker you are The more you have therefore Black women “have natural protection because it keeps skin looking great, darker skin can have more oil.

The ability to take in sunlight really well is also in the genes. In order to protect them against UV rays, people who lived in sunnier and warmer climates, darker skin was an evolution. for helping protect darker people from those pesky rays, we can also thank evolution as people of color have a lower risk than whites of getting skin cancer.

Veteran actresses such as Nia Long, Bianca Lawson, and Gabrielle Union have been playing young characters for years. Our faces maintain their shape for longer, This seems to be part of why Black people look so young, that doesn’t break down as quickly Black people have denser bones in their faces.

In conclusion, a testament to the phrase Black don’t crack is the genes and other factors which give black people an edge in the disintegration of the skin.

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