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British man shares why he hates Perodua Kancil in M’sia

British man shares why he hates Perodua Kancil in M’sia 2


HOW many times you have been fooled by an “empty” parking spot and it turned out to be occupied by a Perodua Kancil? Even though it has nothing to do with the car or the owner of the car, we Malaysians are familiar with this feeling and are used to it as well. But how about foreigners?

Recently, a British man took to his LinkedIn page to share his story of how he came to dislike the Perodua Kancil, which never fails to put him disappointed when looking for a parking spot.


“I think it was designed just to inflict psychological torture!!,” he wrote.

He said that he has been driving around malls’ parking lots such as Mid Valley Megamall and One Utama for 10 – 20 minutes, desperately looking for a parking space only to be disappointed when he found a small tucked away Kancil occupying the space.

“Only to find when I get right up to the space, that’s nicely tucked away out of sight and not visible until you get right up to the spot……is a Perodua Kancil parked right there….agghhhhh!!” he added.



Source – Sun Uk


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