British police kneeling on Nigerian man Frank Ogboru in 2006, revisited after similarities to George Floyd (video)

British police kneeling on Nigerian man Frank Ogboru in 2006, revisited after similarities to George Floyd (video)

The timely death of a Nigerian man Frank Ogboru back in 2006 at the hands of British police officers has been revisited due to the similarities to the death of George Floyd by American Police officers in Minneapolis.

Watch American police kill black man George Floyd using his knees (video)

George Floyd was killed earlier this year after police officers knelt on him for several minutes despite him saying he cannot breathe which led to massive protests around several states in the United States of America (USA).

The death of George Floyd had a ripple effect with several countries in Europe starting a black lives matter movement which is still ongoing and a topic of conversation in the political sphere.

Josh Okogie who plays for Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA speaks on death of George Floyd in Minneapolis (Video)


While analyzing the George Floyd case led to the revisitation of Frank Ogboru a Nigerian man who died after an encounter with police officers in September 2006.

Ogboru had with the girlfriend of one of the owners of flat and police officers were called on to the scene.

After a conversation with the police officers, Ogboru was told not to return to the flat which led to protests and eventual arrest.

While protesting the officers used gas on Ogbuoru to subdue and handcuff him with two more police officers arriving on the scene at Woolwich, South East London.

The footage shows the officers kneeling on Ogboru with their knees and feet while he pleaded ‘i can’t breathe, you’re killing me’ but was dismissed.

The cause of death for Ogboru was stated to be “asphyxia during restraint”.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) found the officers not guilty of the death of Ogboru stating that “a jury would find that the restraint was not unlawful”

However, 14 years down the line with the case of George Floyd the case of Ogboru which is similar is now being revisited.

Watch video of British officers kill Frank Ogboru below

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