Buhari’s man Femi Adesina insists ‘heavens won’t fall’ even as fuel scarcity, darkness persist and Nigerians still trapped in Ukraine

Buhari's man Femi Adesina insists 'heavens won't fall' even as fuel scarcity, darkness persist and Nigerians still trapped in Ukraine 2

By Kalu Onyemaechi

Femi Adesina, spokesperson for President Muhammadu Buhari, says regardless of severe fuel scarcity, poor electricity supply, lingering insecurity and Nigerians stranded in Ukraine, heavens will not fall.

Mr Adesina in an article published on his Facebook page on Thursday night admitted that things are hard for Nigerians amid severe fuel scarcity, poor power supply and increased insecurity.

“It’s obviously not the easiest of times in our country currently, what with severe fuel scarcity exacerbating the other existential challenges we have been coping with. In some areas, there’s no fuel, no electricity, thus translating to severe energy crisis,” Mr Adesina said.

“Yet some other people have children, wards, dependents, relations in Ukraine, currently being bombarded by Russia. I have one, the daughter of a family friend. When I spoke with her last week, she was hiding in a bunker, talking in whispers. But amidst it all, no fuel, no electricity, anxiety about Ukraine, general insecurity, Government continues to work. The Heavens won’t fall, and sanity would be restored,” Mr Adesina added.

Nigerians continue to suffer excruciating hardship from the scarcity of petrol, an extremely essential fuel used by the majority to power their vehicles, homes and businesses.

The scarcity, sparked by importation of adulterated petrol into the country, has lingered for over four weeks despite assurances from the government to correct the anomaly. Earlier in the week, Mr Buhari who doubles as the minister of petroleum jetted out to Kenya for a uN talkshop on environment.

However, Mr Adesina maintains that the current fuel hardship is not peculiar to his principal’s regime as “there were cases of bad fuel before in this country.”

“We slept for days, weeks on end at petrol stations, queuing for fuel,” he claims.

Via Peoples Gazette

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