Canada Visa Consultants (Canada Immigration Consultant)

Canada Visa Consultants (Canada Immigration Consultant) 2

The immigration process in Canada can be intimidating. The process is filled with forms and procedures. To some, this is not a problem.

However, for others, it causes a lot of confusion and indecision. So much that Immigration either becomes paralyzing or discouraging.

Luckily, many immigrants have successfully made a move to Canada. Ask them how, and they would point their success to one thing.Most of them would tell you that they turned to immigration consultants.

Not only are immigration consultants certified and registered. They are also experts at helping clients make sound decisions about Immigration. They could let you know if you are eligible for specific immigration programs.


The services of an immigration consultant remove much of the guesswork from the whole process.

If you are considering immigrating to Canada, we’re willing to bet that Toronto is in your mind.Why would it not be? After all, the city hosts most of Canada’s new immigrants.

So, with the city of Toronto as your likely destination, you might as well enlist the services of the immigration consultants here.

Right Way Canada Immigration Services

Located at 1105-250 Consumer Road, Toronto, Right Way Canada Immigration Services is among the city’s top 3 rated immigration consultancies. From sponsorships to citizenship applications, the firm offers immigrants services at all stages of the immigration process.


The firm has garnered numerous positive reviews from its clients. Many are happy about the advice and consultations from its founder and other immigration consultants in the firm. The immigration consultation firm has earned a reputation for the clarity and simplicity of its talks. Not only that. The firm renders its services using a personalized approach. So, to nobody’s surprise, many clients feel more confident about their immigration applications.

Right Way Canada Immigration Services also partners with the International Development Programme. So, if you need to take the IELTS, the firm would be happy to help you.

The firm is present across all social media platforms. So, getting in touch with the consultants should not be a problem!

Bright Immigration Consultants

Bright Immigration has been around for at least 25 years. The firm’s headquarters is located at #407 Yonge Street. Founded in 2010, the immigration consultancy firm has received numerous 5-star reviews from its clients. Besides the usual first-time visa applications, the consultancy seems to perform well for applications that were refused. In other words, if you have been denied entry into Canada in the past, Bright Immigration could be your best bet!


You could determine your eligibility using the firm’s free 5-minute online assessment.

Do you have plans to start a business in Canada? To do so, you need to be a permanent resident. With Bright Immigration’s Bright Plus, newcomers like yourself could gain PR status in as little as 4 months!

Also, it’s successful employment in Canada or your money back. That’s right!

The immigration consultancy firm also offers a money-back guarantee for work permit applications. And nothing says “we are confident about our service” better than a money-back guarantee, right?


Maple Immigration Services

Yonge Street is home to another immigration consultancy firm. At 3342A Yonge Street is Maple Immigration Services.

For many visa applicants, the visa program is a common area of confusion. In short, many applicants are unsure about the visa program they should apply for. Luckily, Maple Immigration Services has helped many visa applicants with this. Its registered immigration consultants have helped clients identify the right visa program.

The immigration consultancy firm not only serves immigrants. It also has services for employers. Employers are allowed to register themselves on the site. As a result, Maple Immigration connects economic immigrants to potential employers!

Through its ties with Maple ID Services, the consultancy firm has become a one-stop shop for applications and fingerprinting services.


The services of the firm have generated many positive reviews. In particular, the firm has a team of immigration consultants to thank for this. Nearly all of the positive feedback towards the company mention the professional and courteous attitude of the group.

So, do you hate making different stops for paperwork and biometrics? Need the guesswork taken out of looking for potential employers? If so, Maple Immigration Services could be reached by email, phone, or fax. You could also get in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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There you have it! You just read a list of Canada Visa Consultants.

This list is only meant to enumerate what we found to be the 10 best firms. Including each consultancy firm on the list is based on the number of positive reviews and success rates.


So, these firms are not ranked. Each firm could offer you the best services for your visa application to Canada. Be that as it may, each one offers something unique.

Do you think we missed one? Have you had a positive experience with any firm not listed here?

If you do, feel free to mention them in the comments section! We would love to hear more from you!


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