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Carlton McCoy wife: Meet the wife of the famous American Sommelier

Carlton McCoy wife

Who is Carlton McCoy wife?

Carlton McCoy”s wife is identified as Elleree Fletcher. She is a gallerist and she is quite active online where she uploads beautiful pictures of her work. She and Carlton McCoy have been dating for a long time before they got married according to our source. Elleree Fletcher and Carlton McCoy have been able to keep details of their marriage out of the media space, so nothing is known as regards whether or not they have a child or not.


Elleree Fletcher, a well-known American fine artist and gallerist, possesses an extensive range of expertise in several domains, including sales, management, website development, customer relations, problem-solving, data and inventory management, and Adobe Photoshop. Throughout her career, Elleree Fletcher has worked in various roles, such as server at Bb’s Kitchen, back server at The Little Nell for 16 months, instructor at Sticky Fingers Cooking LLC for a year, server at Black Cat, marketing assistant at Whizard Strategy, gallery manager at The Omnibus Gallery, sales associate at Gfen Fine Art, artist at Fine Artist, and marketing manager at The Omnibus Gallery, where she has been working since October 2019. Elleree Fletcher was born and raised in Colorado, United States, between 1992-1994, and is currently between 28-30 years old. She attended the University of Colorado Boulder and graduated from college.


Elleree Fletcher, a well-known American fine artist and gallerist, stands at around 5 feet 6 inches tall (equivalent to 167 centimeters or 1.67 meters). She has blonde hair and brown eyes. Her weight is approximately 60 kilograms, which is equivalent to 132 pounds in the imperial system.

Carlton McCoy wife: Meet the wife of the famous American Sommelier 1

Who is Carlton McCoy?

Carlton McCoy, an American Sommelier, businessman, and entrepreneur, was born in the United States in 1990. He is renowned as the founder and CEO of the iconic Heitz Cellar located in Napa Valley, which is a large American-African winery. Due to his notable accomplishments, Carlton McCoy has become a highly sought-after figure for those seeking to learn more about him. As the CEO of Heitz Cellar, a winery located in Napa Valley, Carlton McCoy has the distinction of being the first black CEO of a Napa Valley winery. Wineries are licensed properties that produce and sell wine, and they use various types of storage units, such as barrels and glass, to carefully store the wine to maintain its quality. The Napa region of California, known for its wealth, is famous for its wine and Napa Valley is a prime example of this.

Carlton McCoy wife: Meet the wife of the famous American Sommelier 2

With more than 400 wineries, Napa Valley is renowned for offering some of the finest wine and cuisine in the world. Nevertheless, Carlton McCoy’s upbringing was far from the lavish lifestyle associated with this elite Californian region. McCoy spent his early years in Washington, D.C., and grew up with parents who struggled with heroin addiction, as he revealed in an interview with Robb Report. Despite these challenges, McCoy’s trajectory changed when he received a scholarship to attend the Culinary Institute of America and began working under the guidance of an experienced sommelier. These experiences propelled McCoy’s career to new heights.

Net Worth

Although the exact net worth of Carlton McCoy is undisclosed, his flourishing winery and culinary profession have undoubtedly brought him considerable wealth. As one of the only 269 Master Sommeliers globally, McCoy’s status is highly distinguished. As the CEO of Heitz Cellar and the owner of his winery in Napa Valley, it’s probable that he invested a substantial amount of capital into the estate.


Social Media

Carlton McCoy is quite active on social media. He has over 23,000 followers on his page.

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