Check out the most common Sacred Geometry Symbols and their meanings!

Check out the most common Sacred Geometry Symbols and their meanings! 2

Sacred Geometry in a very simple definition, has to do with the spiritual or metaphysical study of various geometric shapes and symbols. It is the meaning and symbolism attached to certain geometric shapes and proportions.

Sacred Geometry is based on the notion that life and almost everything around us derive its essence and meaning from patterns and symbols.

Some of these sacred geometry symbols have been used to pass across messages or used to as a symbol in music, architecture, philosophy, arts, and so on.

Sacred Geometry is also rooted in the belief that God used some patterns and shapes as the foundation of human existence when during the creation of the world.

Below are the most common sacred geometry symbols and their meanings.

1. Seed of Life

Sacred Geometry symbols

This symbol represents the seven days of creation and it is formed with the combination of seven spiral circles. It is considered a symbol of blessing, good fortune, and protection that has been passed from one generation to another. Also, it is commonly worn by women during pregnancy or when a woman is trying to conceive. It is found in many religions in the world and many worship centers.

The seed of life symbol is also used as pendants worn mostly by women.


2. Flower of Life

Check out the most common Sacred Geometry Symbols and their meanings! 3

Flower of Life is one of the basic sacred geometry symbols. It consists of nineteen coinciding circles that are separated evenly from one another.  It is created from one circle and other circles are drawn around it.

The pattern formed by the intersecting circles turns out to form a flower-like shape.

It is referred to as the circle of life because it is believed that all creation comes from sources – the big circle. The Flower of Life was created from another sacred geometry symbol – Seed of Life.

The Flower of Life symbol was very popular in the ancient world and it is still relatively popular nowadays. It has been found in countries like Japan, China, Greece, Egypt, Turkey among others.


3. Triangle

Triangle in sacred geometry symbolizes balance and unity. It is often related to the synergy and consciousness between the human body, spirit, and mind when it is placed upwards.

However, when placed downwards, it represents female energy and reproduction.

The Triangle underlies what is known as the Platonic Solids; the five geometry “building blocks” of the world taught about 2,500 years ago in ancient Greek Mystery schools. They are tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron & icosahedron.

4. Square

It represents balance, firmness law, and order. The square with its four equal sides gives humans a sense of balance in the physical world. The four sides are also linked with the four elements of the world; earth; air, water, and fire which humans can do without.

5. Circle

Inclusiveness, wholeness, unity, continuing, and the never-ending cycle of life. It also means completion and perfection. It represents the evolution of birth, death, and rebirth There is no end or beginning, no starting point or endpoint. The cycle is seen as eternity. Spiritually, the circle represents heaven period earth and humans symbolize the square.

6. Cross

The cross is the symbol of the Christian faith. The meeting point of the two lines (Vertical and Horizontal) is the meeting point between heaven and earth. Humans are seen as the product of the intersection. This means that humans are the link between heaven and earth.

7. Star of David (Merkabah)

Check out the most common Sacred Geometry Symbols and their meanings! 4

The upward triangle is said to be masculine while the downward triangle is feminine. Consequently, two merging means unity or harmony between the two human genders.

However, in Jewish tradition, the Star of David which is one of the most popular sacred geometry symbols represents the connection between God, humans, and the Torah. It is believed that the instructions of the Torah are the source of connection of the human soul to God.

8. Egg of Life

Check out the most common Sacred Geometry Symbols and their meanings! 5

It is regarded as the symbol of fertility, and reproduction. It represents new life and rebirth as well. The Egg of life is created by adding six circles to the see of life.


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