Check out yellow eyeshadow looks with pictures

Check out yellow eyeshadow looks with pictures 2

Check out yellow eyeshadow looks with pictures

There is a need to know about yellow eyeshadow looks according to trends. In this article, we will take a look at all there is to know yellow eyeshadow looks.


At the moment, yellow makeup actually happens to be one of the hottest makeup trends, while it may not quite be a classic, you probably wouldn’t put makeup on that list. To name a few Of all the marvelous things that happen to be yellow such as daisies, baby ducks, and bananas.

when it comes to the trend Yellow eyeshadow looks seem to be taking the reins. makeup and lip makeup looks like but we’re also seeing this cheerful hue making an appearance on the face.


As well as a few other yellow makeups looks, If you’re ready to branch out, too, try the following not-so-mellow yellow eyeshadow look, for trendsetters and social media stars Turns out covering your face in a canary color is all the rage.

Look no further than lacquering your lids in yellow if looking for an eye shadow style that’s really eye-catching.

The first step is to prep with primer. To help ensure your yellow shade goes on smoothly Smooth on an eye primer. you’ll want to prep your lids Anytime you’re applying an eye shadow in a boldly bright shade.

The second step is to apply yellow eye shadow. blend out with a fluffy eye shadow brush in Eternal Sunshine and apply it all over your lids below your brows to lift the look of your arches.


The third step will be a tight line, Instead, tight line your eyes, which is a subtler eyeliner application technique. might distract from your yellow lids A dramatic cat-eye or smoked-out eyeliner.

The end result is a bolder eye and fuller-looking lashes, to gently place pigment on your upper waterline when you create the invisible eyeliner effect by using.

Check out yellow eyeshadow looks with pictures 3

The fourth step is to coat your lashes to finish off your yellow eyeshadow look, pull the brush through your lashes from root to tip if there isn’t a coat of mascara involved Can we really call this a complete eye makeup look?


it may be time to switch things up with a few bright makeups looks As much as you may love experimenting with neutral eyeshadow shades.

It’s your time to shine Pink and yellow eyeshadow but the right shade pairings can make you a believer, it’s easy to think that colorful makeup may not be your style Sure.

Here to put your doubts to rest If your first thought is that the combination of pink and yellow is a bit too much.

There is a myriad of ways to make your eye makeup the star of the show or can’t get enough of trendy ombré eyeshadow Whether you’re a fan of classic halo eyes.


looks that can help you revamp your makeup looks therefore Keep reading for nine pink and yellow eyeshadow.

1 Sunset Eyeshadow

This look mimics a gorgeous sunset to really make your eyes pop Featuring a gradient of yellow, orange, pink, and purple. to incorporate pink and yellow into your eye makeup look is with sunset eyeshadow One of the most popular ways

2 Popping Halo Eyes


It’s no surprise that this look continues to be a standout pick. at the center of your lid with a contrasting color surrounding it. among beauty bloggers and makeup gurus alike, Halo eyes are one of the biggest trends  Boasting a bold eyeshadow shade we think you should give this look a shot. None other than pink and yellow, The perfect shades to give it a shot with.

onto the inner and outer corners of your eye and through the crease, blend slightly outward to set the tone for a gradient apply a yellow eyeshadow on the center of your lid.

Check out yellow eyeshadow looks with pictures 4

3 Smoky shadow


you can bring this trend to life with pink and yellow eyeshadow. Believe it or not, sultry shades that smoky eye makeup is only reserved for dark. brush a shimmery mid-toned brown onto the outer half of your lid and through the crease, , going back to your palette swipe a yellow eyeshadow onto the inner half of your lid. blending it with the brown shade for the perfect amount of depth, Top off the look by applying the palette’s coral pink eyeshadow in your crease.

4 Flourescent Crease

this look is all about sporting neon shades and floating eyeliner to get a truly eye-catching look. Seamlessly blending two trends into one,? It’s time to try your hand at the fluorescent crease eye makeup look if you want to bring runway makeup looks to your real life.

Follow with a thin line of yellow eyeliner along your lash line and set the stage by brushing a fluorescent pink eyeshadow shade right in your crease.


5 Yellow to pink ombre eyes

apply a yellow eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye To start. especially if you add pink and yellow shadows into the mix The ombré eyeshadow trend will turn heads with ease.

on the outer section of your eyes, Amp up your look with a slightly darker pink.

Check out yellow eyeshadow looks with pictures 5


6 Bright Metallic eyes

a head-turning shimmery finish with a sensational pop of color This trend gives your eyes,  makeup look that won’t steer you wrong, metallic eyes. to amplify your eyes, add a dab of String of Pearls on top.

7 Yellow Lids and Rose Gold eyeliner

this look takes creativity to the next level, Serving up a playful yet effortlessly stylish vibe with your pink and yellow eyeshadow look, to yellow eyeshadow with rose gold eyeliner.


It’s not just reserved for models and professional makeup artists, it’s actually more versatile than you think. , sunny color is certainly less common than red eye makeup or blue eyeshadow.

Yellow might not be the first shade that comes to mind When you’re creating a bright, colorful eye makeup look. The possibilities are endless create an unexpected pop of color makes a statement use this amazing shade to boost warmth. it’s always a good idea to select a shade of yellow that flatters your skin tone Like all colorful makeup looks.

Vibrant or fiery yellows will be flattering. On medium to olive skin. a dark yellow with gold tones will best complement the skin On warmer fair skin.

Check out yellow eyeshadow looks with pictures 6


Smudge out the liner with a small angled brush if the line feels too bright. Try extending a wing to add more drama, without overwhelming the entire eye Yellow eyeliner tucked into the lash line gives a hint of playful color.

There’s no need to fear yellow-shadow Fair-skinned folks, You can also try a pastel yellow here to soften up the lid color. onto the inner corners of your eyes to instantly illuminate them, don’t forget to dab that bold yellow.

How to master a fully glam yellow eyeshadow look Zendaya shows us exactly For deeper complexions like hers. The shade masterfully glows against her gorgeous complexion as yellow-gold is an ideal pick for a colorful makeup look.

Thanks to just a bit of a highly pigmented yellow on her upper and lower lash lines Elle Fanning’s eyes are absolutely glowing. along your upper lash line and leaving the bottom bare try only applying a thin line of yellow


Believe it or not, it also plays well with other colors Yellow makeup is wildly striking on its own. meaning they sit opposite each other on the color wheel yellow and purple are complementary colors.


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