COVID-19 has a cure! – Nigerian-trained US Doctor, Stella Emmanuel opens up in a shocking revelation! (Video)

For the past six months, the world has been contending with the COVID-19 Pandemic, a virus which has claimed approximately 16 million lives since it broke out in China late December.

The World Health Organisation says there is no cure for the virus yet even though there has been talks that Hydroxylic-chloroquine, Zinc among other medications can be used as cure.

However, a Nigerian-trained US Doctor, Stella Emmanuel, based in Houston, Texas has come out to say that she has treated over 350 patients with Hydroxylic-chloroquine and she hasn’t lost any.

She made this declaration while speaking to the media in Washington DC. She said, the American Government need to stop deceiving people about COVID-19 not having a cure.

See videos here 👇

Video source : The Cable via Adamscrabble

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