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Covid-19: How Vaccination could have prevented 90,000 deaths – Report 


According to a study published on Wednesday, almost 90,000 covid-19 deaths may have been averted in the first four months of this year if more individuals in the United States had opted to be vaccinated, as the coronavirus disease became the second-leading cause of death in the country.

Researchers from the Peterson Center on Healthcare and the Kaiser Family Foundation based their prediction on adult mortality in the United States from June 2021 to September 2021, when coronavirus vaccines became readily available to the general public, according to the report.

However, due to the introduction of the more contagious delta variety, which is easing societal distanciation, around half Of those preventable deaths happened in September.

According to the report, nearly half of those preventable deaths happened in September as a result of the development of the more contagious delta form, the relaxation of social separation rules, and a lower vaccination rate among younger persons.

According to the report, covid-19 was the primary cause of death for individuals aged 35 to 54 in September, and it was the second most prevalent cause of death in the general population, even when data for children under the age of 15 was included.

The overwhelming majority of covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths continue to be preventable,” the authors said.

The study found that during the worst days of the epidemic in terms of mortality, covid-19 was the most common cause of death for Americans, exceeding the traditional culprit – heart disease.

According to The Washington Post’s covid-19 tracker, deaths and hospitalizations in the United States are on the decline. In the United States, new daily cases had dropped by 12% in the previous week, while deaths had dropped by 7%.

According to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of immunization has slowed since June, with the number of daily doses administered throughout the country hovering around 1 million since then. From late March to early April, over 3 million doses were given out per day.

According to the CDC, nearly 188 million Americans, or about 57 percent of the population, were fully vaccinated as of late Wednesday. 

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