Dan Greiner: Frequently asked questions about the husband of Lori Greiner! 

Dan Greiner

Who is Dan Greiner 

If you’re an enthusiast of QVC cable television and its hosts, you’ve probably heard of Lori Greiner, who has risen to become one of the network’s biggest stars thanks to her business abilities. She has more than 600 things to her credit and holds 120 US and international patents.

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Did you know, though, that she is married and that her husband’s name is Dan Greiner? So, how much do you know about Dan? If your answer isn’t much, stick with us for a bit because we’re about to introduce you to Lori Greiner’s husband, Dan Greiner.

Dan Greiner Wiki: Age, Early Life, and Education

When asked about his youth, Dan has kept mute; he hasn’t provided his birth date or location, and he hasn’t revealed any information about his parents, including their names and occupations. Dan has also remained tight-lipped about his educational background and which university he attended. Hopefully, he will alter his mind in the future years and begin disclosing details about his life before becoming famous.

Dan Greiner Career and Rise to Stardom 

Dan Greiner joined Bell & Howell as a division controller after finishing his schooling, a post he held for a long period before moving on. He left Bell & Howell in 1996 to join his wife Lori in her new business, For Your Ease Only. 

Lori was an up-and-coming businesswoman at the time when she came up with the idea for the plastic box for storing earrings. They began working together and, with a bit of luck, struck a deal with the J.C. Penney empire, through which they began selling their product, and Dan and Lori became wealthy in just two years.

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Lori joined the QVC network in 1998 as their business grew significantly. Dan joined Lori and became an important part of the production of Lori’s show “Clever and Unique Creations,” which she still hosts. Dan is now the chief financial officer at For Your Ease Only Inc.

Personal Life of Dan Greiner

Dan’s marriage to Lori is well-known, but how much do you know about their relationship?

Unfortunately, the two have kept silent on the subject – they married in the mid-1990s, but no information on whether or not they had children is available. Hopefully, they’ll let their fans know about this. In the meanwhile, they split their time between Chicago and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Dan Greiner Net Worth

Dan has been fairly successful since starting his work, however much of the credit goes to his wife’s creative mind, but he is just as accountable for the company’s success as Lori is.

So, as of late 2018, have you ever wondered how wealthy Dan Greiner is? Greiner’s net worth has been estimated to be as high as $100 million, which he shares with his wife, according to credible sources. Don’t you think it’s rather impressive?

Lori Greiner, Dan Greiner’s wife

Let’s look at some information about Lori, from her infancy to her most recent job achievements, now that we’ve covered everything there is to know about Dan.

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Lori Greiner was born on December 9, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. She is the second child in her family, with an older sister. When she was nine years old, her parents split. Lori attended the Loyola University of Chicago after graduating from high school, where she studied communications with a focus on journalism, television, and cinema. 


Lori worked for the Chicago Tribune during her undergraduate years and later tried her hand at playwriting while simultaneously manufacturing and selling jewelry to help pay for her education.

However, in the mid-1990s, she created and patented a plastic earring organizer with sliding rods that could store roughly 100 pairs of earrings. She developed a prototype before striking a contract with J.C.

With each innovation, she became more successful and attracted the attention of television networks. She started on the Home Shopping Network, but because she didn’t have the flexibility she desired, she quickly moved on to QVC, where she rose to stardom. Since then, she has had her show.

She has presented her show “Clever & Unique Creations” since 2000, and because of her success as an investor and creator, she has recently joined “Shark Tank.” Scrub Daddy, a company that makes a texture-changing household sponge; Sleep Styler, a set of pleasant hair rollers; Simply Fit Board, a workout gadget; then Squatty Potty, Paint Brush Cover, and many others are among her most successful investments.

 In 2014, she also released a book called “Sell it, Bank it! — Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea into a Reality.” She has shared her knowledge with people not only through social media but also in person.

She has shared her expertise with viewers not only through television and publications but also through several interviews, including one with the online journal.

Social Media

Lori Greiner is very active on Twitter with 1.8m followers. She is also active on Instagram as well with 812,000 followers. 

Do Lori and Dan Griener work together? 

The answer is yes they do! 

Lori and Dan share a partner desk in their Chicago home office — even though they live in suburban Philadelphia near the headquarters for QVC for six months of every year. Because they work so closely together, Dan has a front-row seat to the “look” Lori gets when she has a flash of inspiration. “It’s thoughtful, looking up in the sky, with a slight smile like she just figured something out,” he told Crain’s. “By dinner, she’ll be writing it on a piece of paper.”

Lori and Dan have been working together for more than two decades now, but they couldn’t share a better bond. “I am amazed at their relationship,” Patrice Urban, a director of the duo’s QVC sales, told the newspaper. “I love my husband, but I’d kill him if I had to be with him 24/7.”

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