Don’t use any COVID-19 vaccine! It is satanic! – Senator Dino Melaye raises alarm! Video👇

Former Senator of the Federal Republic, Dino Melaye has called on Nigerians, Africans and African Governments not to accept the use of any COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the former lawmaker, no form of COVID-19 vaccine can be developed in less than a year after the virus broke out. He based his claim on the premise that no vaccine has been discovered for Diabetes, HIV/AIDS among other terminal diseases for the two centuries.

He also revealed that those that took the COVID-19 vaccine recently died without three days according to his intelligence report. Dino Melaye also revealed that any form of vaccine administered now is nothing but satanic and dangerous to Africans especially.

Dino Melaye said he will hold the Nigerian Government and the Ministry of Health responsible if the administration of any COVID-19 vaccine on Nigerians has negative effects.

He advised that the Nigerian Government stop her interaction with those that want to supply the country with the vaccine.

Dino Melaye took to his Twitter page to share his thoughts. See video👇

Pfizer recently developed a vaccibe with its German partner, BioNTech and it has been administered on a 91-year-old grandmother known as Margaret Keenan.


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