ENDSARS protest would have been worse if not for President Buhari’s calm and tolerance! – Presidential Aide, Femi Adesina!

The Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina believes that the EndSARS protest that rocked most of October would have been worse if not for the calm and tolerance of his boss, President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said that President Buhari is by no means a soft man but he acted like a father all through  the EndSARS protest was later attacked by hoodlums suspected to have been hired.

Mr Adesina made this claim among others in a recent piece which he titled as “We have not many Fathers”

He also added that even though the President has a military background he didn’t display it during the protest as he’s being tempered by “democracy and time.”

His statement partly reads;

“…If President Buhari hadn’t exercised the restraint and tolerance of a father, at a time that even hitherto respected people instigated the protesters to carry on (and they promptly went underground when anarchy ensued), we would have been talking of something else in the country. The rivers of Nigeria could have turned crimson, and mourning and lamentations would have suffused the land. But we are thankful for the father in President Buhari, patient and enduring, almost to a fault

“In his national broadcast, he said instigators of the riots misunderstood the pacifist nature of government for weakness. “We are not only in government, we are also in power,” Gen Ibrahim Babangida had said in 1993, after he annulled the free and fair presidential election of that year. If President Buhari had wanted to show that he ‘was in power,’ something quite unsavory could have happened in the land. But he rather chose to be a father. Ye have many instructors, but not many fathers”


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