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English teacher sad after no one shows up for additional class

English teacher sad after no one shows up for additional class 2

A POST by TikTok user @duri_anggrek, who is an English teacher, recently went viral after she related the story of how none of her students showed up for additional classes she was supposed to be teaching.

She provided a snapshot of the WhatsApp discussion she had with her students in which she let them know the lesson will be conducted at the school from 4pm to 5.30 pm. But even after waiting for over 37 minutes, none of them appeared, or responded to her WhatsApp messages.


At the time of writing, the video has over 1.6 million views, 167.4k likes, and 1,488 comments.

Netizens felt sorry for the teacher, and opined how students these days no longer respect their teachers. Some others also said that she ought to have told the pupils ahead of time so they could adjust their schedules.

The teacher to respond to the query by stating that the school decided on all of the extra lessons, including the time and place, and that they are not compensated for it; they simply do it for free.


Students must cooperate with their teachers as they work extremely hard to provide them with the knowledge they require, and they should understand what it means to be responsible as students.

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Watch the video here.


Source – Sun Uk


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