Europeans would have killed you if they wanted to – White Lady blast Africans over COVID-19 vaccine!

A white European lady based in South Africa identified as Tracy Zille took to her Facebook page to attack Africans, not with guns or machetes but with words over COVID-19 vaccination.

She said Africa should be the last continent to receive any form of COVID-19 vaccine. She also added that if Europeans wanted to kill Africans, they would have done it through the products like baby food, toothpaste among others.

Tracy Zille also accused Africans of not holding their leaders accountable. She also revealed that instead of building medical research facilities, Africans chose to give their religious leaders money and also build big places of worship.

She went on to advice Africans to start producing what they eat as well as what they take in as drugs instead of relying on Europeans or other foreign countries to cater to their needs.

She said;

This Covid19 Vaccine should be a lesson to all Africans. You must produce what you eat and your medication. Now you are left with no choice but to take a vaccine from your enemies. It’s either you die or buy vaccine from the enemy. Where are your rich prophets and pastors?

If it was not for us, your mouth would have been smelling like dead rats because even today you can’t make your toothpaste. So shut up and take our vaccine or Die.

Colgate (Made in the USA), Aquafresh (Made in Britain), Close Up (Made in England), Mentadent (Made in Canada), Oral-B (Made in the USA), Sensodyne (Made in Japan).

Rich Prophets, Pastors and Bishops (Made in Africa). We produce toothpaste, you produce anointing oil and prayers. 

African leaders are treated in oversea Hospitals. If the Vaccine was made in Africa, your leaders were going to leave it and travel oversea for Vaccination. Covid19 is a reminder that Africans are led by corrupt elders with no interest in the Development of Africa. #tracyzille


Her comments, expectedly has generated some reactions from Nigerians and other internet users. See reactions below👇



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