Get ready to move to Sambisa Forest! – Army Chief, Burutai tells recruits

Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant-General Tukur Burutai has told the new recruits of the Nigerian Army to get ready to be posted to the dreaded Sambisa Forest after their training and selection.

Burutai said this during the final screening of the 80 regular recruits at Falgore forest in Kano State. He said the recruits must be ready to embrace discipline and loyalty as they defend their country against external aggression.

He also added that they must be ready to serve the country irrespective of where they are posted to.

In his words;

You must make up your mind that you are ready to serve your country as a soldier and you should be ready, anywhere you are deployed, after your passing out. 

All of you will go to Sambisa at the end of your depot training. If you are not ready to move to Sambisa and other parts of the country, and of course, our border areas to defend our country from any act of aggression, then you have not started.

It is not yet late, if you have any doubt if you are not ready for discipline and loyalty at any point, then you can stand up and go. There is no room for laziness and indiscipline in the army and no room for malingering.”

Tukur Burutai aadded that both soldiers and officers will be subjected to the same final training and selection process which will take place at the Falgore forest as well.

He said;

This is where we will select those that will become cadets and be trained as officers as well because, at the end of all the training, the officers and soldiers will operate together under the same condition,” he said.

As such, all must be subjected to a similar process of recruitment and selection.



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