God and Satan already settled their differences but they left humans to be foolish! – Nollywood Actress, Etinosa Idemudia reveals! Details ๐Ÿ‘‡


Etinosa believes that God and Satan before now had already settled their feud long time ago but they left humans to be their puppets.

The Nollywood actress shared her seemingly controversial post via her Instagram story as she compared the situation to a child who takes a side in a disagreement between a father and a mother without knowing that both parties had already settled their differences in the room afterwards.

She said;

You know how you are beefing your dad for what you mom told you he did then they go and settle in their bedroom in the night behind your back and leave you still beefing like mumu.”

“I have strong reason to believe God and Lucifer settled their beef very long ago and left us to be mumuing ourselves here on earth to their amusement.”

Etinosa also said that if God is supreme on earth, why then is Satan regarded as the “Prince of the Earth?”

“God and Lucifer have occasional meetings to discuss strategy against humans.”

“The earth is the Lordโ€™s yet Lucifer is the prince of the world who gave him the authority?”

“Nothing can happen to you by the devil except God permits it so how does Lucifer get permission?”

“This just sounds like fake rap beef between rappers for album sales. Indeed, the man was made in the image of God.”




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