Grab’s latest feature ‘Quiet Ride’ still being tested in Malaysia

Grab’s latest feature ‘Quiet Ride’ still being tested in Malaysia 2

E-HAILING service Grab Malaysia has planned to test their newest feature, ‘Quiet Ride’ around Malaysia that will introduce keeping unwanted conversation for the passenger to a minimum.

Lowyat.Net reported that Grab has confirmed the feature’s testing in Malaysia extending to more users in the Klang Valley and Penang as well as a small group of consumers in Ipoh, Johor Bharu, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, and Melaka.

Grab-oriented Facebook pages and a YouTube channel Alpha John – Grab Authorised Alpha Driver, have said the tests were occurring back in April and October’s trial is probably taking place elsewhere.

As to how the feature works, users just have to simply respond Quiet Ride’ to the auto-generated message received after booking a ride and it will be executed by letting the driver know your preference of a silent journey.

But consumers have to note, despite choosing the ‘Quiet Ride’ feature, that even the driver will still have to speak to the passenger regarding vital matters for the user’s convenience such as routing preferences, music playback or air-conditioning

Besides that, Grab added that the feature was still under evaluation and is still yet to be decided whether the e-hailing service will launch the feature in Malaysia. Besides our market, the Philippines and Vietnam were used to test the feature as well by Grab.

Source – Sun Uk

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