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Gretta Velder’s death: How Vladmir Putin’s social media critic was found dead in a Briefcase

Gretta Velder’s popularity soared high after she criticised Vladmir Putin, the President of Russia on social media. She called the Russian president a “psycopath” and she also rubbished some of his policies to improve the integrity of the country.

Unfortunately, Gretta Velder went missing for close to a year and her body was later discovered in a suit case. It was assumed that she must have been killed by some secret state agent because of her tweet about Vladmir Putin.

But then her boyfriend added a twist to the story. So what really happened to Gretta Velder? How did she die?


Who is Gretta Velder?

Gretta Velder, a model and Putin critic, was discovered dead in a suitcase. Please keep reading to find out what caused her death.

Gretta Velder, 23, was killed a month after she called Putin a “psychopath” on social media and predicted that his desire to “improve the integrity of Russia” would end in tears.

Gretta Velder

“Given that Putin experienced a lot of humiliation as a child and was unable to stand up for himself due to his [slight] physical shape,” she wrote, “it is not surprising that he left law school and joined the KGB.”


“Such individuals are timid and terrified from childhood, afraid of noise and darkness, strangers, and thus acquire characteristics such as caution, constraint, and a lack of communication early in their lives.”

“In my opinion, he has a definite psychopathy or sociopathy.”

What Was the Cause of Gretta Velder’s Death? Putin Critic Found Dead In Suitcase

More than a year after she went missing after criticizing Vladimir Putin, the body of a Russian model was discovered packed in a suitcase.


According to mirror.co.uk, her predictive posts about Putin in January 2021, a month before she was murdered, are not linked to her death but are unsettling in light of the following events.

She was concerned about his repression of protesters and his desire to build a larger Russia.

Gretta Velder Dmitry Korovin confesses to killing her

According to police records, her “jealous” ex-boyfriend Dmitry Korovin, 23, admitted more than a year later to strangling her to death after a money argument in Moscow unrelated to her political ideas and analysis of Putin’s mind and intentions.


He told detectives that he kept uploading photos and messages to the model’s social media accounts to give the impression that she was still alive.

He admitted to interrogators that he spent three nights in a hotel room with her body, which he placed in a recently purchased suitcase.

He then drove her body 300 kilometers to the Lipetsk area, where he left it in the boot of a vehicle for over a year.


Korovin appears in a video released by Russia’s Investigative Committee, apparently explaining how he killed the model and confessing fully.

Gretta Velder’s official Wikipedia page has not yet been created. Her age at the time of her death, however, was 23. Regrettably, her actual birth date has yet to be revealed.

Furthermore, based on her photographs, she appeared to be 5 feet 6 inches tall. Nonetheless, it is only an estimate, and the authorities have not revealed her exact height.


Her friends and family described her as a sweet and innocent young lady who loved to have fun. Her death has devastated her family, and they have been in mourning since last year.

We support their family and send our condolences to the innocent soul. May her soul rest in peace.

Gretta Velder was active on Instagram before her death. According to multiple outlets, she allegedly wrote about Putin on her Instagram account. Her Instagram account, on the other hand, appears to have been deactivated.


Gretta Velder Instagram

Gretta Velder was an Instagram user prior to her death. According to multiple news outlets, she allegedly wrote about Putin on her Instagram account. Her Instagram account, on the other hand, appears to be inactive.

Nonetheless, there are several bogus profiles on the network with her name that should not be trusted.

She has a large number of photographs available on the internet. In the photograph, she can be seen smiling as she enjoys her wonderful life.


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