High scorer rejected by local varsities but offered three placements in UK

High scorer rejected by local varsities but offered three placements in UK 2

PUBLIC university enrolments are constantly under the nation’s scrutiny due to vague criteria not being addressed by the relevant authorities.

Recently, an STPM graduate with a CGPA of 3.95 revealed about his University Central Unit (UPU) application being rejected.

MalaysiaTrend reported that the Twitter user who goes by @thefirdauslee included screenshots from the UPU portal showing no local placements for him.

However, his application on the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) portal showed offers from two universities in the UK for three courses.

“My result. UPU vs UCAS. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with UPU. Not even one?” Firdaus said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, other some netizens have shared their similar experiences dealing with public university applications and being rejected even when fully qualified, following his viral tweet.

“I got 3.92 for my STPM but I didn’t get any offers from UPU. Wondering what’s wrong. But people who got lower pointer than me actually got offers from UPU! So unfair,” lamented a user

“Your situation is the same as my sibling’s. Last year my sister got an offer from King’s College London and Manchester University. But when she applied under UPU, she didn’t get anything,” another user said.

On the other hand, some others have taken this issue to the authorities on the social media platform to explain the algorithm mechanics when going through applications.

“Make UPU algorithm transparent. I have so many questions about their current algorithm in this infographic,” one user said.

Source – Sun Uk

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