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HK veteran actor kissed local model in viral video

HK veteran actor kissed local model in viral video 2

VETERAN Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang deemed kissing a woman he did not know during her birthday party as an innocent peck on the cheek in his reaction to a viral video.

According to a report by The Straits Times, in said video, it was shown that Tsang had placed his hand on the woman’s shoulder, blowing the candles on her birthday cake with her and then landed a birthday kiss near the lips. Later on, netizens identified the woman in the clip as 26-year-old local model, Lebara.


Meanwhile, the 69-year-old detailed his side that he was at a caviar sampling session with friends that night when he was beckoned to join the model’s birthday celebration despite not knowing her.

“I gave her a birthday kiss as a form of courtesy after singing the birthday song. Kissing the face is normal and a form of courtesy. I don’t know her, but everyone knows that in the entertainment industry, not everything can be posted online. Maybe she did not know that the attention could be so great,” said the father of four

On the other hand, local model Lebara had posted on social media regarding the incident with no further comment on the actor’s kiss.


“This year, I blew the candles (with Eric Tsang) as he wished me a happy birthday. My wish this year is for world peace and no hatred.”

To boot, Tsang was asked by the press during the final of Hong Kong reality singing show Stars Academy 2 on Sunday night whether he would avoid such incidents in the future.

“Only people with a guilty conscience will do so. I don’t think it is a big deal,” he replied.


Source – Sun Uk


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