How God “embarrassed” me with 5 babies at once after six years of marriage! -Nigerian woman recountsVideo👇

A Nigerian woman identified as Foyeke Omage has a lot to be grateful for as she gave birth to 5 babies at once after six years of marriage.

According to her, she got married to her husband, a civil servant in 2014 and while they were waiting for their first child, she revealed that she was insulted and embarrassed for not having a child.

In a video interview with PUNCH News, the mother of 5 babies narrated what she went through before she finally put to bed after six years.

In her words;

Some people insulted me on several occasions,  was embarrassed but thank God today that God embarrass me with five babies at once. 

Foyeke Omage also added that at some point when she discovered that she will be having more than three babies, she became worried about how she and her husband will take care of them.

However, she said she had faith that God will take control.

Watch video below

Credit: PUNCH News

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