How I miraculously scored an A in a final year exam I didnt write – Twitter User recounts!

Miracles do happen? Yes. How often? Well, miracles do not necessarily follow human reasoning or expectations. Miracles are divine and most often than not it sweeps one off one’s feet. For instance, scoring an A in a final year exam one didn’t even write.

A Twitter user with the display name, TheHolyman_ recounted how he scored an A in a final year exam he didn’t write because of a strange and severe illness.

He said he was so ill that he could not move his legs. Consequently, he resigned to his fate but prayed to God for a miracle which eventually happened.

In his words;

I remember In My Final Year, I had an Exam but I was so ill that I couldn’t even move my feet let alone go for the Paper,
My friends couldn’t wait behind either Cos they had exams to write too.
Then I prayed to God for Miracle.

Lo and Behold I had an A in an exam I didn’t write.


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