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How to Migrate From Congo To America (Visa Application 2023 Process)

How to Migrate From Congo To America (Visa Application 2023 Process) 2

How to migrate to USA from Congo is a common question people from Congo who would love to continue their lives in the United States of America are searching for.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with an accurate knowledge and understanding about how to migrate to USA from Congo, how can a Congolese come to America, relocating from USA to Congo, how can a Congo become a US citizen and other related questions to starting a live in the United States Of America.

I already talked about the Cost of New and Renewal of Congolese International Passport extensively, and my last article was a easy step by step guide on how to apply for Congo international passport. You will need one.


The purpose of this article is to give you an easy step by step full process guide on how to migrate to USA from Congo. You should make sure you read to the end.

Migrate to USA from Congo

There are two types of visas and am going to explain in a bit. They are non-immigrant visa, and immigrant visa.

The Non-Immigrant Visa

This Visa type is used by students, businessmen, tourists, preachers, specialty workers and others who wish to only stay for a particular period of time and for a specific purpose. You can get this visa at the US Embassy in Abuja or the US Consulate General in Lagos. This is the most common visa that people apply for.


The Immigration Visa

The immigration visa type on the other hand, is for people that wish to relocate to the US or live permanently there with a view to securing legal permanent residency and acquire US citizenship. You can also have someone already in the US send you an invitation and all the necessary documents to facilitate your travel to the US. This probably the reason you are here.

Whatever the purposes are, either the non-immigration visa type or the immigration type, the following are the things you can do to secure a visa to migrate to the United States Of America.


The first step you should take is to determine the kind of visa you want and get familiar with the demands and qualifications for each. Choose only the visa type that applies to your situation. You need to determine if you need the common non-immigrant visa, the immigrant visa, or the visa waiver program.


Now that you have decided to migrate the US, you will need the immigrant visa. Now let’s go to the next step.


Having chosen your appropriate visa type, go ahead to pay the visa fees at the embassy in US dollars or the required currency. You must keep your visa fee payment receipt number because you will need it to book for your visa appointment interview.


For non immigrants


Complete the DS-160 form. Read the guidelines for completing this form before filling it, because all information must be accurate and very correct. You won’t have any opportunity to make any changes once the form is submitted. And you need your DS-160 number to book your interview appointment.


The next step is to schedule your visa application interview appointment. For you to book your appointment, you will need the following documents:

  • Your international passport number
  • Your visa fee payment receipt number
  • The 10-digit barcode number on your DS-160 confirmation page.

Don’t forget to select your visa type, enter all personal details, add dependents, select document delivery location, and confirm visa payment as you schedule your appointment.


Please don’t rush yourself. Fill the form appropriately.


It might also be necessary to have your bank statement of account with you, and be sure it is well funded over time with proofs of activity on it, that is, it is always well funded and you equally make frequent withdrawals and deposits into it. And you might also need to present the bank statement account of your sponsor (I will talk about the sponsor aspect below).


Visit the US embassy on your appointment date to attend your visa interview. Be sure to have all the required documentation with you to back up your claims.



Be tutored on interview skills. Dress moderately. Do not patronize the officer. Maintain proper eye contact. Be sure of yourself, and be fluent as you answer questions or refer to things necessary to your application.


If your visa happens to be granted or approved, it will be sent to the document drop-off location you earlier selected while scheduling the appointment.

Sponsors And Petition

It will be easier if you have someone who is already a citizen of the United States to invite you over. The person you have in America will be your sponsor and your ticket to migrating to the USA.


Family Immigrant Visa

  • USA citizens can file the petition to the USCIS for:
    ParentsSister or brotherDaughter or Son and Spouse
  • A lawful permanent resident (green card holder) can file the petition to the USCIS for:
    Spouse, Unmarried Daughter or Son

The sponsors must file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative with the USCIS.

Employer Immigrant Visa

Any USA employer can sponsor a trusted skilled worker to be hired into permanent job in the USA. The laws of the country allow some prospective immigrants to sponsor themselves. USA also provides a number of special immigration categories and immigrant investor programs.

If your sponsor or employer want you to become a permanent resident in the USA, then it’s needed to file the petition I-140 for Alien Worker with US Citizenship to USCIS. In some categories of the immigrant visa, you can also file the petition by yourself.


Other Things You Should Know

There are some other things you need to know.

Medical Requirements

All applicants must undergo a medical exam by an Embassy-approved Panel Physician. You will receive instructions about how to schedule an appointment for your medical exam from NVC or the Embassy. Do not try to make an appointment before receiving these instructions.

Embassy Appointment

If you have an interview date, you must appear at the Embassy on the date of your appointment. You should arrive at the Embassy fifteen minutes before your appointment. You should bring your appointment letter and the documents required for your visa class.


Visa Delivery

All immigrant visa applicants must collect their newly-issued visa at a VFS document collection office. This service is provided for no additional fee. You must choose the location where you wish to collect your visa prior to scheduling your interview.

That is all you need to know about how to migrate to USA from Congo. You can share this article if it helps and if you have any question, you should just ask below.

Thank you for reading How to migrate to USA from Congo.


Done with the steps needed to get your visa? Now go on to getting the jobs. Read here to learn about getting jobs in USA from Congo.

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