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Human speed trap sighting amuses netizens

Human speed trap sighting amuses netizens 2


A VIDEO went viral on TikTok recently after a user was able to capture footage of a traffic officer acting as a “human speed trap”.

The TikTok video shows dashcam footage of a traffic officer hiding behind a highway guardrail and quickly standing up to snap a photo of a car that just passed by him.


The video uploaded by TikTok user @izz4hzahidah_, has gained 1.7 million views and more than 2,000 comments. You can watch it here.

Although many viewers thought the officer’s quick rise looked hilarious, the video’s editing made the incident even funnier.

With POP! by NAYEON as the background music, the zoomed-in screenshots of the officer appear humorous.


Numerous netizens responded and made hilarious remarks about the sighting.

One of the netizens commented: “No wonder when I open Waze, it gives a speed trap notification, but when I look for it, I can’t find it. It turns out that it’s because he’s hiding like that.”

It is very unusual to come across a low-tech speed trap like this. Whatever the case may be, we must all adhere to the posted speed limits in order to maintain our safety on the road.



Source – Sun Uk


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