I pray Nigerians will elect a leader like Buhari in 2023 - Femi Adesina 1

I pray Nigerians will elect a leader like Buhari in 2023 – Femi Adesina


By Kalu Onyemaechi

Femi Adesina, President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aide, is praying that Nigerians elect an individual like the incumbent to rule the country in 2023.


Mr Adesina, in a Facebook post published Thursday night, asserted Mr Buhari was an exemplary leader.

“As 2023 approaches, I pray that Nigerians would consolidate on honest leadership by electing somebody who can move us forward in probity and accountability,” Mr Adesina stated. “Buhari has shown us the way; may we never veer off the path again. Honest service to the people must be the watchword. That is what President Buhari has in mind, and that is what we should get. Order is better than speed, and we will get there.”


Mr Adesina made this statement regarding the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)’s forensic audit ordered by Mr Buhari regime, noting that “some powerful forces mounted robust resistance against the audit, but they didn’t reckon with the iron will of the president.”

The presidential media disclosed that the audit “was done, and report submitted.”

Mr Buhari has come under fire for his inability to rein in armed groups across the country, including the mass abductions of schoolchildren, among other crises.

Despite purchasing multibillion-dollar weapons and fighter jets, with a promise to eliminate armed bandits and Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists, Nigerians (even the president’s party members) have slammed Mr Buhari’s insouciant manner of tackling raging issues.


On Wednesday, APC members took turns to lambast Mr Buhari’s lazy approach to resolving the nation’s worsening insecurity.

“It is indeed a national disgrace that this thing is happening on a daily basis. I remember last year alone; there was a supplementary appropriation,” Adamu Aliero, an APC senator from Kebbi, pointed out.

The senator added, “We approved over N865 billion and this year’s budget, I know we have close to about N1 trillion, and we are getting little in terms of the outcome.”

Senate President Ahmad Lawan was also unsparing, urging the Nigerian military to “wake up” to protect Nigerians.


“The expectation of this Senate is that there is supposed to be a remarkable difference in success in terms of the fight against insurgency, banditry, and militancy in Nigeria,” said Mr Ahmad. “When we declared the bandits as terrorists, my understanding was they are going to be dealt with ruthlessly now. I wonder whether that is the case.”

Via Peoples Gazette.


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