Ikoyi building collapse: Osinbajo instructs lawyer to sue defamers

Ikoyi building collapse: Osinbajo instructs lawyer to sue defamers 2

By Kalu Onyemaechi

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has commenced moves to sue media houses, publishers, journalists, bloggers, social media users, WhatsApp groups and others linking him to the Ikoyi building collapse, according to Daily Post.

In a statement on Saturday, a lawyer, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa announced that the VP instructed him to issue a public notice on the matter.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) claimed publications which mentioned Osinbajo as the owner of the structure were sponsored by “faceless individuals and entities”.

Adegboruwa noted that the plan was to tarnish Osinbajo’s good name and reputation “without any scintilla of proof”.

The legal practitioner insisted that the VP is not involved in, associated or connected with the ownership or development of the collapsed building, in any manner whatsoever.

“This notice has thus become necessary, partly to explain the legal consequences of fabricating falsehood and unsubstantiated negative reports, of and concerning our Client.

“In law, liability for libelous publications is not limited to the original author or publisher thereof.

“It extends to and includes all those who, out of sheer ignorance, mischief or malice, or all, cause any libelous publication to be repeated, reposted or re-published, either personally or through any platform for which he/she has control.

“We have the instructions of our Client to compile and preserve the particulars of anyone found to have published, re-published or endorsed or consented to the publication, distribution or circulation of any libelous material, of and concerning him, for the purpose of commencing civil actions in court, in any jurisdiction where such publication occurs”, Adegboruwa said.

Adegboruwa told the media to stop using their platforms for the dissemination of libelous publication against Osinbajo henceforth.

In a statement on Thursday, the owner of Elizade Motors and Elizade University, Michael Ade-Ojo denied selling the land to Osinbajo.

About 40 people perished under the rubbles at No 20 Gerrard Road, including the developer and Managing Director of Fourscore Heights Limited (FHL), Femi Osibona.

Named Gerrard Terraces, the apartments were to be completed in 2022. Each unit was priced at between $1.2million and $5million.

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