Inside the life of 47 years old Amanda Martin, the "Iron Resurrection" star.  1

Inside the life of 47 years old Amanda Martin, the “Iron Resurrection” star. 


Inside the life of Amanda Martin, the “Iron Resurrection” star.

One event or action, either good or bad, has the tendency to make one popular in any given industry. Irrespective of one’s antecedents, one can become popular by getting involved in something that would later turn out to be hugely successful and celebrated. Such is the case of Amanda Martin. 


Amanda Martin’s previous job, even though it was a very good one, didn’t get her media or fan attention. However, partnering with her husband in his business, Martin Bros Customs made her a reality television star – a field she had no prior knowledge of. 

Inside the life of 47 years old Amanda Martin, the "Iron Resurrection" star.  2


This article traces the background, education, career progress,  relationship, net worth, and other information about Amanda Martin. It also takes a brief look at the background of her husband, Joe Martin as well. 

Background and Education

Amanda Martin was born to Sandi Klapp Nafziger and Zachariah J Keathley Jr on the 11th of December, 1973 in Red Oak, Texas, United States of America. . Her father, who died aged 86 in November 2006 was a World War II veteran. 

She grew up with two siblings: brother, Zack Keathley, Sandra Keathly, and sister Wendi Blank. 


Inside the life of 47 years old Amanda Martin, the "Iron Resurrection" star.  3

Amanda Martin had her high school education at Red Oak High School. Information, as regards her college education is unknown but it can be inferred that she must have studied something related to Business Administration or Banking and Finance because of early work experience before venturing into automobiles and tv reality show. 

What is Amanda Martin Middle Name

Her middle name is Ananda Jill Keathley. 


Career Path 

Amanda Martin’s first job was at one of the top banks in America, Wells Fargo where she rose to the rank of a bank manager. She worked with Wells Fargo for five years before quitting her role. 

She was later hired by Pioneer Bank, a much smaller bank compared to Wells Fargo. However, her previous experience was invaluable for the bank as she held the position of one of the Vice Presidents of the bank for two years.

She was later to promoted Deposit Operations Vice Presidents before she was named the bank’s product manager. 


Amanda Martin

The thirst for better opportunities outside of the financial sector made her leave her job at Pioneer Bank in 2017. Fortunately, customizing and refurbishing cars – her husband’s business came calling and she answered the call without thinking twice. 

As at that time, her husband just won a reality television show competition which helped me to finance the business. With his wife coming on board, the expertise of Joe’s brother, Jason, and a family friend, Jayson Arrington, a marketing expert, the business was on the path of greatness. 

Discovery Channel offered to document the work of the team and it resulted in the show now known as “Iron Resurrection” The show began hiring in 2016 and it brought Amanda Martin’s face in front of the camera for the first time. 


Inside the life of 47 years old Amanda Martin, the "Iron Resurrection" star.  4

In the show, the couple as well as their team look for old, damaged, or abandoned cars or motorbikes, refurbish them, and sell them off for profits. The show has been on for five years with 23 episodes released already. The team is currently filming season four of the show. 

Some of their latest works include a Big Red Bobber, a 1973 Pontiac Firebird, and a 1964 Lincoln Continental which featured on their show. 

The company also sells merchandise from the show, such as face caps, T-shirts among other items to their fans via their website


Inside the life of 47 years old Amanda Martin, the "Iron Resurrection" star.  5

Aside from working with her husband, Amanda Martin spends time with her four dogs who have an Instagram page. The names of the dogs are Hazel, Dolly, Blue, and Flea. 

Amanda Martin Net Worth

Amanda Martin Iron Resurrection has a net worth of $700,000 which is just $300,000 shy of her husband’s valuation. 


How Amanda Martin met her husband? 

There are no records as regards how they met but they have been married for a with no children. They currently live in Johnson City, Texas. 

How Old is Amanda Martin Husband? 

Joe Martin, a native of Illinois, Chicago is 52 years old. The idea of refurbishing cars and motorcycles came to him agree he won the World Championship Biker Build-Off competition series on Discovery Channel in 2004. 


Inside the life of 47 years old Amanda Martin, the "Iron Resurrection" star.  6

The cast of Iron Resurrection

  • Joe Martin.
  • Amanda Martin. 
  • Michael Zabonik.
  • Jayson ‘Shag’ Arrington.
  • Javier ‘Shorty’ Ponce. 
  • Jason Martin. Jason Martin is Joe Martin’s brother.

Other Members 

  • Carl’ Dirty Grande’ Large 
  • Manny Manny 
  • Pompa Pompa 
  • Joe Zadwick
  •  Bama Brown 
  • Steve Reyes
  • Rocky Hansen
  • Lee Farris 
  • Simon Jowett
  • Jason Krenek 
  • Ron Parker
  • Bernie Vujicic 
  • Deborah Vujicic
  • Paul Castillo 
  • Chuck Davis 
  • Cindy Davis 

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