Inside the life of Jullian Mele, the gorgeous American news presenter (includes 4 odd facts about her)

Inside the life of Jullian Mele, the gorgeous American news presenter (includes 4 odd facts about her) 2

Inside the life of Jullian Mele, the delectable American news presenter! 

Only those who are not in the limelight can afford to hide details about themselves but once you start to appear on TV screens regularly, then fans will naturally dig deep to know more about you. 

The internet has made it very possible to know a little bit more about some of your favorite celebrities and in this article, we shall be telling you how Jullian Mele rose to stardom in one of the most vibrant industries in the United States.

Jullian Mele

We shall also be telling you some other details about her which you might not necessarily know about or which you might not find elsewhere except here. 

Jullian Mele, unlike some of her colleagues who try as possible to keep things private, is quite open to some extent. She goes out, loves adventure and she interacts well with the public. 

Background and Education 

Born to Roseanne (née Zlemek) and Thomas Mele on the 17th of September, 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jullian Mele is an American TV presenter known for co-anchoring Fox and Friend First – a breakfast television show on Fox News alongside Todd Piro.

She also works on the channel as a reporter on the Fox News Channel morning show where she talks on daily news that made the headlines for the day.

Jullian Mele  

Jullian Mele grew up with her mum and dad in a small town known as Glenside. She attended high school in town and her trait of being industrious became noticeable when she took a job as a clerk at a Grocery store while she was still in school. 

Her love for the TV screens influenced her decision to study Arts and Communications from the famous La Salle University in Philadelphia and she graduated with honors in 2005. 

Career Path

In as much as she analyses major news headlines with Fox, Jullian Mele didn’t start her career with that role, instead, she began her career as a Sports Presenter. 

After she graduated from the University, she took up a job as a Sports News anchor in Presque-Isle, Maine before she joined WIVT-TV in Binghamton, New York afterward. She worked there for a while before joining NBC in 2007. 

Inside the life of Jullian Mele, the gorgeous American news presenter (includes 4 odd facts about her) 3

Seven years later, she accepted the role of a Sports Presenter with NBC Sports Philadelphia where she co-hosted a morning sports talk show called Breakfast on Broad. Jullian Mele also hosted another show for the Philadelphia Eagles, a post-game program known as Endgame. 

In 2017, she accepted the role of a news anchor with Fox News where she works as a co-anchor and reporter. 


Jullian Mele is a two-time Emmy award winner. She won her first award for a show about the Olympics while working with NBC. She won her second award in 2014 while working with NBC Sports Philadelphia. 

Net Worth 

Jullian Mele’s network is estimated to be in the region of $900,000 to $1m according to Bugle 24. She earns about $71,000 on average. 

Social Media Presence 

She is quite active on social media where she interacts with her fans as well as her colleagues in the industry. She has 97,000 followers on Twitter and 143,000 followers on Instagram. 

Inside the life of Jullian Mele, the gorgeous American news presenter (includes 4 odd facts about her) 4

Love Life 

This is one aspect most celebrities try to keep private and Jullian Mele also doesn’t share any information about her private life online.

She is in her 30s already but there are no signs that she is dating someone at the moment or whether she is or was once married. 

Lesser Known Facts about Jullian Mele 

  • Jillian Mele loves to dance. She spent 13 years of her life practicing ballet.
  • She plays golf and it seems she is now addicted to the sport just like she was addicted to ballet while growing up
  • Jullian Mele is adventurous. In 2009, she climbed Mount Sinai in Egypt alongside her brother. 
  • She can not ride a bicycle 


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