Vanessa Vadim Malcolm Vadim’s mother: Age, career, net worth of the famous American Filmmaker and Director, Vanessa Vadim.

Malcolm Vadim



Vanessa Vadim is a documentary filmmaker who is most known for her short films. She is also known for being the daughter of daughter of Jane Fonda, a two-time Academy Award winner, and Roger Vadim, a French film director. Vanessa developed an interest in the various parts of filmmaking as a result of her parents’ careers, which exposed her to show business from a young age.

While some worked and charted their path to fame and stardorm, others didn’t even have to break a sweat or weather the storm to become famous. Instead, they were born into it which made them famous right from birth. Malcolm Vadim, Vanessa Vadim’s son  is a “shareholder” in the “company” of those born into fame from birth.

Malcolm Vadim is the son of well-known American cinematographer and film director, Vanessa Vadim. He’s also the grandson of two-time Academy Award winning actress and environmental activist, Jane Fonda.


Even though his mother kept the identity of his father away from the public, what we know is that Malcolm Vadim was born in 1999 in the United States.

Malcolm Vadim is 21 years old and should probably be in college or university was in 2021. If there is anything the young man would pick from the life of his grandfather, Jane Fonda, it will be the spirit of social activism, especially for the youths.

Malcolm Vadim

On the 5th of July, 2005, Malcolm Vadim was pictured alongside his grandmother firing the Jobs, Justice and Climate March in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They flew in from Los Angeles on the 3rd, took part in the event the next day before boarding a flight back on Sunday afternoon.


inside the secret life of Malcolm Vadim, the handsome son of famous American Filmmaker and Director, Vanessa Vadim. her words;

“We can’t leave it all on the shoulders of young people,” Fonda said. “When I come to the end of my life, I don’t want my grandkids to ask why I didn’t do more to help clean up what my generation did.”

Who is Vanessa Vadim Malcolm Vadim’s mother?

If you don’t know Vanessa Vadim, then one can argue that you don’t know the popular currency called, “The American Dollar.” Yeah! Malcolm Vadim’s mother is famous. Aside from being the daughter of the legendary Jane Fonda and French film director, Roger Vadim.

Malcolm Vadim’s mother, although born into a prestigious family, she didn’t ride on the fame on her parents into stardom. She worked hard to get to the point where she is at the moment which makes her one of the most revered in her field as well as the money-spinning Hollywood industry.



Malcolm Vadim’s mum was born in Paris, France on the 28th of September 1968. She is 5ft and 10 inches tall. Her family is quite a large one as she the company of a handful of step-siblings and half-siblings, including Troy Garity, David Toscan du Plantier, Ariane Toscan Du Plantier, Nathalie Vadim, Christian Vadim, and Vania.

Vanessa Vadim Siblings

Vanessa Vadim is the only child in her family. Jane and Roger, Jane’s parents, were married for almost eight years, from 1965 to 1973. The ex-couple began dating in 1963 and married on August 14, 1965, at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, after a two-year courtship.

Jane and Roger moved on fast after their divorce was finalized in 1973. Jane Fonda, Vanessa’s mother, married politician Tom Hayden just days after she divorced Roger. Vanessa has a half-brother, Troy O’Donovan Garity, who was born on July 7, 1973, from her mother’s second marriage. Mary Luana Williams, Vanessa’s half-sister, was unofficially adopted by her mother and Tom in 1982.

Jane Vanessa’s mother, married her third husband, Ted Turner, in December 1991 and divorced him in May 2001. Jane has no children from her third marriage.


Vanessa has five half-brothers and sisters on her father’s side. Vania Vadim, Ariane Toscan Du Plantier, David Toscan du Plantier, Nathalie Vadim, and Christian Vadim are her paternal half-siblings.

Roger married five times before passing away in 2000. From 1952 to 1957, he was married to Brigitte Bardot. His second marriage was to Annette Stroyberg, and his third marriage was to Jane Fonda. Roger married Catherine Schneider and Marie-Christine Barrault after his divorce from Jane. In truth, Roger was still married to Marie, his fifth wife, at the time.


Vanessa Vadim attended High School in the United States and graduated from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island before she joined her parents in the film industry. While Malcolm Vadim’s grandmother chosen to stay in front of the camera, her mother was probably too shy to do so as she chose to work behind the camera.


Before she rose to fame, it would interest to know that, Malcolm Vadim’s mother was quite an erratic fellow, especially during her youth days.


Vanessa Vadim was arrested in New York City on the grounds of unruly conduct, impeding government administration and wandering about the purchase of illegal drugs in October 1989. Police even asserted that Vanessa was caught carrying two glassine envelopes of heroin.  But she has put those days behind her now.

Her decision to work in the film industry was influenced by her grandmother. Vanessa Vadim started learning about filmmaking by joining the industry as a crew member. Afterwards, she began making short documentary films after amassing a substantial level of knowledge in cinematography.

Malcolm Vadim’s mother also appeared in front of the camera a few times. She featured alongside the likes of Robert Downey Jr Bill Clinton, and Ann Palmer, in the historical documentary, ‘The Last Party’ in 1993.

She was part of the production of “Blue is Beautiful” which was directed by James Schneider. The short movie documentary centred on Washington DC’s notorious gospel-punk group, ‘The Make-Up’.


Aside from being a cinematographer, Vanessa Vadom is also an ecological activist and writes for several ecological websites to create awareness about environmental matters.

Vanessa Vadim directed her first short documentary, ‘The Quilts of Gee’s Bend’, in 2002. She served as the editor, cinematographer, as well as the producer of the documentary.

Vadim has been an ardent environmentalist since leaving her celebrity career in the early 2000s. She has been instrumental in raising attention to a number of key environmental issues.

Vanessa has worked as an environmental activist and, more recently, has published editorials for a number of publications, including The Daily Beast and Mother Nature Network, to mention a few.


Vadim is also a MayDay Madia co-founder and producer, as well as the owner of V2 Synergy and an organic farmer at Earthseed.

Vanessa Vadim Net Worth

Her annual income is estimated to be at least $600,000 and she owns a house in Paris. Her net worth is reported to be around $6m.


Vanessa is married to Paul Waggoner, a distinguished guitarist. They got married on the 12th of June 2010, in a colourful three-day affair which took place in St. Tropez, France at Catherine Schneider’s home – Catherine is Vanessa’s stepmother, who was once Roger’s wife after Fonda.

However, she was initially married to Matt Arnett, a producer to who she was first married, and had her second child, Viva Arnett who was born on 23rd November 2002.


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