Is Virginia Fields Madden still alive? Where is late John Madden’s wife now? See answers here

Is Virginia Fields Madden still alive?

Yes, Virginia Fields Madden is still alive, but her husband died in Pleasanton on December 28, 2021. His death has left his fans speechless, and stories about his legacy have flooded the internet. Meanwhile, people are perplexed about his death’s circumstances.

People have been wondering where Virginia Madden Fields Madden has been since her husband John Madden died. Where has Virginia Fields Madden gone? Virginia Madden, is she still alive?

Virginia Fields Madden

The questions are being raised because she has remained off the radar of the media since the death of her husband. Furthermore, given that she relied on her husband’s celebrity, her absence from the media became a source of concern.

His family, on the other hand, has remained tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding his death. According to the league, he died unexpectedly, making it difficult to pinpoint his exact cause of death.

Furthermore, during a press conference, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell presented him with the award, expressing his gratitude for Madden’s contributions to football and the NFL.

Virginia Fields Madden family

John Madden and Virginia Fields Madden had two sons, Joseph and Michael. Michael attended Harvard University and was a receiver on the football team. Joseph played football at Brown University. Virginia Madden, on the other hand, hasn’t spent much time with her children on the public stage.

She was still married to John Madden at the time of his death, and they had recently celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. The couple married on December 26, 1959, in Pleasanton, California, where they had previously lived.

Is Virginia Fields Madden still alive? Where is late John Madden's wife now? See answers here 1
John Madden

People are looking for Virginia Madden’s age, on the other hand. Her exact birth date, on the other hand, has yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, she was expected to be between the ages of 60 and 70. The couple met in a Pismo Beach bar and married at St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Santa Maria, California.

How old is Virginia Fields Madden?

Virginia Fields Madden, the late legendary American football coach John Madden’s wife, is between the ages of 60 and 70. Virginia Madden, is she still alive? Let’s dig a little deeper into their relationship.

Virginia Fields Madden is the late, great American football coach and sportscaster John Madden’s daughter. Johan Madden, her husband, was a well-known figure in the American football world, having served as the Oakland Raiders’ head coach for nearly ten years.

Since her husband, Johan Madden, died, people have been looking for Virginia all over the internet. Furthermore, her husband was an award-winning commentator who had previously worked as the color commentator for NFL telecasts.

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Virginia Fields is unknown. She has not disclosed her net worth. However, her late husband, John Madden, who coached for a long time, earned a good living during his lifetime.

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