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Joseph Herbert Jr.: All You Need To About Jo Koy’s 20-year-old Son

Joseph Herbert Jr.

Like every other celebrity child who became popular by virtue of being born to a popular figure in the society, Joseph Herbert Jr. is no different.

Joseph Herbert Jr. is the son of famous stand up comedian and actor Joy Koy and American-Filipino singer Angie King. The young man has been living in the limelight for more than a decade and fans have picked interest in him.

This post provides answers to most of the frequently askes questions about Joseph Herbert Jr. as well as some questions about his family as well.


You will get to know more about his background, education, career, net worth, relationship status among other vital details about the young man.


Joseph Herbert Jr. was born on April 21, 2003, in California to Joseph Glenn Herbert (Jo Koy) and Angie King. Raised as a single child, he completed his sophomore year in 2017 at St. Mel School in Woodlands, California, a Catholic school.


Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Parents

Joseph Herbert Jr.’s parents, Jo Koy and Angie King, divorced when he was a child. Despite the divorce, they opted for joint custody and have successfully co-parented their son. Both parents, known for their reserved nature, have not publicly disclosed the reasons for their separation.

Joseph Herbert Jr.: All You Need To About Jo Koy's 20-year-old Son 1
  • Personal Information
    • Name: Joseph Herbert Jr.
    • Age: 20 years
    • Birth Date: April 21, 2003
    • Birth Country: United States of America
    • Place of Birth: California
    • Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Impact of Parental Divorce on Joseph Herbert Jr.

While the official divorce between Angie and Jo Koy happened long ago, details regarding the reasons for their separation remain private. Both parents, protective of Joseph Jr., maintain a close friendship and flexible approach to co-parenting. Their social media posts reflect a family adapting to their new living arrangements with ease.


Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Dating Status

Joseph Herbert Jr. keeps his personal life private, and as of now, there is no information about his relationship status. He appears to be focused on his studies, enjoying college life.

Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Net Worth and Career

In his early twenties, Joseph Herbert Jr. is building a notable career. Engaged in college life and studies, he is supportive of both his parents’ accomplishments. With a father, Jo Koy, having a reported net worth of $5 million, Joseph Herbert Jr. might carve his own path, potentially surpassing his parents’ fame and fortune.

Joseph Herbert Jr.

Joseph Herbert Jr. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Jo Koy’s Siblings: Jo Koy has three siblings: Robert Herbert, Rowena Hazel Cook, and Gemma Herbert Simmons, with Robert being the oldest.
  2. Mother of Joseph Herbert Jr.: Joseph Herbert Jr. is the son of Angie King, also known as Nura Luca, a Filipina-American singer.
  3. Marital Status of Joseph Herbert Sr. and Angie King: The couple divorced in 2013 but maintained a positive relationship, sharing the responsibility of raising their child.
  4. Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Comedy Career: While sharing his father’s sense of humor, Joseph Herbert Jr. is currently focused on his education and has not pursued a stand-up comedy career.
  5. Age of Joseph Herbert Jr.: Born on April 21, 2003, Joseph Herbert Jr. will turn eighteen in 2022.
  6. Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Citizenship: Born in the United States, he is a naturalized citizen with Filipino ancestry from both parents.
  7. Grandfather’s Military Service: Joseph Herbert Jr.’s grandfather, Msgt. John C. Herbert, is a World War II veteran.


Jo Koy’s Family and Net Worth

Jo Koy, an American-Filipino stand-up comedian and podcaster, has a net worth of $15 million. His successful career includes sold-out shows at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, making him the first comedian to achieve this feat.

Joseph Herbert Jr.: All You Need To About Jo Koy's 20-year-old Son 2

Jo Koy gained national recognition with his debut appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” This breakthrough led to numerous appearances on “Chelsea Lately,” solidifying his position as a top-tier comedic talent. Koy’s comedy is marked by honest and relatable storytelling, often focusing on his family, particularly his Filipino mother and experiences growing up in a mixed-race household. His comedy specials, both critically acclaimed and widely popular, have contributed to his success.


Starting with the hit Netflix special “Jo Koy: Live from Seattle” in 2017, he continued with “Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot” in 2019, “Jo Koy: In His Elements” in 2020, and “Live from the LA Forum” in 2022. These specials have expanded his global appeal, especially resonating within the Filipino community.

In addition to his stand-up success, Jo Koy is a celebrated podcaster, hosting “The Koy Pond” by Starburns Audio. His achievements were further recognized when he was honored as Stand-Up Comedian of the Year at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal in 2018.

Jo Koy’s Career

Jo Koy’s career began in the early 1990s in Las Vegas, gaining national recognition in 2005. His comedy often revolves around his Filipino family, and his Netflix specials have garnered international acclaim. Besides stand-up, Koy hosts “The Koy Pond” podcast and was honored at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in 2018.


Social Media Presence

Active on Instagram with over 2 million followers and Twitter (now X) with more than 250,000 followers, Jo Koy engages with his audience across various platforms.

Joseph Herbert Jr. Instagram

Jo Koy’s son Jospeh Herbert is on Instagram and he has over 50,000 followers on his page. At the moment, he has only four pictures on his page.


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