Kidnappers now target University lecturers, Shehu Sani laments

Kidnappers now target University lecturers, Shehu Sani laments 2

By Kalu Onyemaechi

Former Kaduna State Senator Shehu Sani has taken to his Twitter account to lament the recent kidnap of several people from Amadu Bello University, Kaduna State Polytechnic, the University of Abuja (UniAbuja) and others.

Sani tweeted, “University lecturers and academics are becoming the targets of kidnappers; as we have seen in the attacks on the Ahmadu Bello University,Kaduna state Polytechnic and now University of Abuja.”

The 52-year-old self-acclaimed human rights activist had earlier suggested satirically in a previous tweet that the Federal Government should officially employ bandits as civil servants.

““They [bandits] killed Muslim worshippers in their mosques in Niger and Katsina states; they killed Christians in their Churches in Kaduna State; if the government doesn’t want to declare them terrorists, it should declare them federal civil servants”, Sani wrote.

Sani, who has been known to be vocal, has also recently condemned several other attacks by the rampaging bandits.

Sani has voiced out against the unjust treatment of secessionists Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu.

However, he told The Cable making it clear that he’s not in support of secession, he said: “I can say in comparative terms that there’s more interest for the government in going after secessionists than going after bandits. I’m not a supporter of secessionists and I believe that secession agitation are virtually wrong and we should work towards a united Nigeria.

“But I believe that if the same effort — the way they are going after Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho — is applied to these bandits, things would have been better for us in Kaduna and the north-western part of the country. Arresting bandits is more important to us than the issues of Igboho and Kanu as far as I’m concerned.”

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