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KPDNHEP director advises public to eat less eggs if it’s expensive

KPDNHEP director advises public to eat less eggs if it’s expensive 2


RECENTLY, Malacca’s Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry director Norena Jaafar advised the public to consume fewer eggs amidst the rising prices of the protein source.

Norena told reporters that “as consumers, if we know the prices of eggs have risen, if possible, we could eat fewer eggs”.


“If we eat around 20 eggs a week, we could reduce it to 10 to 15 eggs. It shouldn’t be an issue, that is our lifestyle,” she had said.

The statement, which went viral, did not go down well with the public, with many wanting KPDNHEP to take a more aggressive step instead of advising the public on what they should do.

The incident also sparked the ire of Ayer Keroh assemblyperson Kerk Chee Yee, who said it wasn’t the number of eggs that should be reduced, but cabinet members.


“It is undeniable that the increase in prices is due to various external factors.

“However, the government cannot convince the rakyat that they have put in their best effort in forming a mitigating plan to help our country’s economic problems.

“What should be reduced aren’t eggs but a number of cabinet members who are unable to solve the economic issues faced by the rakyat,” Kerk reportedly said.



Source – Sun Uk


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