Lady narrates how a Lagos House Agent didn’t lease an apartment to her because she’s Igbo! See chat 👇

A good number of factors divide Nigeria. Politics, Religion, Ethnicity, Language just to mention a few. But one that appears to the front burner is Tribalism which many consider as one of the major hindrances of the country’s socio-political development.

Stories available online have shown that the relationship between some tribes in the country is not exactly desirable based on ethnic sentiments that exists between them.

A Twitter lady named Mary Ufot took to her page to narrate how a Lagos house agent denied her from securing an apartment because of her tribe.

The lady said the house agent revealed to her that the owners of the house will accept tenants from any other tribe except the Igbo.
She told the agent she is from the South-South sub region and not from the Igbo tribe.

However, the adamant house agent said Akwa Ibom was carved out of an Igbo State.

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