Lillie Carlson Tucker Carlson daughter: Background, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Lillie Carlson Background

Tucker Carlson and his wife, Susan Andrews, have a daughter known as Lillie Carlson. Lillie has been the focus of the media and the general public since her birth, owing to her father’s profession. Her father is a conservative commentator who is both influential and controversial.

Tucker Carlson and Susan Carlson (née Andrews) gave birth to her in Virginia in 1995. She is of Caucasian ethnicity and of American nationality. Lillie is of mixed English, German, and Swish-Italian ancestry.

Lillie Carlson Tucker Carlson daughte

Richard Boynton and Dorothy Anderson, her paternal great-grandparents, placed her grandfather, Dick Carlson, for adoption. Following that, Lillie’s grandfather was adopted by Carl and Mainer Florence Carlson, an upper-middle-class couple. When her paternal grandparents divorced, Tucker’s father was given custody, and Tucker and his brother were raised by Tucker’s grandfather.

Lillie Carlson Siblings

She has three younger siblings, Hopie Carlson, Buckley Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson, in addition to herself. All three of them are now adults.

The four siblings frequently hang out together, demonstrating their close bond. Many of Lillie’s Facebook photos show her on a lovely vacation with her brother and sisters.

Buckley, her brother, is currently employed as a Capitol Hill Staffer in Washington, D.C.

Tucker has been extremely private about his personal life. This is why there isn’t much information about his children as well. He understands that his job is fraught with hatred and controversy, so he had to take drastic measures to protect his family.

Lillie Carlson Tucker Carlson daughte

Having said that, we do know Lillie attended a public high school in Washington, D.C. She most likely continued her education at a college after that.

Her sister Hopie Carlson, on the other hand, enrolled at the University of Virginia after graduating from high school.

We’re sure many of you are curious about what this celebrity kid is up to these days. Well, it’s unclear what she’s doing, but one thing is certain: she’s working.

She is a very private person who rarely uses social media platforms. We discovered her Facebook page, but she hasn’t posted anything since 2018.

Regardless, Lillie posted a couple of photos on her Facebook account a few years ago. From what we can tell, she is an adventurous and bubbly girl who enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Whatever she is doing, one thing is certain: she is having a good time.

Who is Lillie Carlson dating

As previously stated, Lillie prefers to remain out of the media spotlight, so little is known about her personal life. Nobody knows if she’s dating someone behind closed doors.

Whatever the case may be, her father Tucker is very strict about his daughters’ dating lives. Yes, you read that correctly: Tucker has a type of guy he does not want his daughters to date.

Lillie Carlson Tucker Carlson daughter: Background, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend 1

So, during one of his shows in 2019, he stated that he will never allow his daughters to date a feminist. Why? Because he considers them to be creeps. He discussed the controversial photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing blackface make-up in the episode.

Social Media

Lillir Carlson does not appear to be on Instagram or any other social media platform. She is, as previously stated, a very private person. She could be using a different username on the platform.

Net Worth

Lillie Carlson’s net worth is unknown, but her father is. Tucker Carlson is a political commentator, author, and television personality from the United States. Tucker Carlson has a net worth of $30 million dollars.

Tucker worked as a CNN analyst from 2000 to 2005. He hosted a show on MSNBC from 2005 to 2008. In 2009, he began working for Fox News. In 2016, he began hosting a nightly talk show called “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Tucker is the co-founder of the website The Daily Caller outside of television. He is also an author and a columnist.

Tucker was born in San Francisco but spent most of his childhood in Southern California. Richard Warner Carlson, a LA news anchor and ambassador to the Seychelles, was his father. Tucker’s mother abandoned the family when he was six years old. Richard Tucker married Patricia Caroline Swanson when Tucker was ten years old. Patricia inherited a fortune from her grandfather, Carl A. Swanson, who founded the Swanson frozen foods empire.

He attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and graduated with a history degree in 1991.

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